We figure out what you can bring as a gift from Vietnam

If you went to an exotic Vietnam, then we highly recommend visiting one of the major cities. Firstly, you will touch another culture, and secondly, you will be able to bring interesting gifts from Vietnambut not at resort prices. In my opinion how Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City perfect for these purposes. How different is shopping in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City? In fact, not much, but in Hanoi there was an impression that things were cheaper. So, what to bring from Vietnam as a gift:

Vietnamese coffee or tea

Vietnam is famous for coffee. Here you can buy a rather rare and expensive variety. Luwak. The best option is to buy in the markets, you can safely bargain. Take several packs at once. Prices start at $4 and go up to $25, depending on volume and seller. Don't take the cheapest one.

Pearls and jewelry

The most expensive item on our list of gifts from Vietnam is pearls. There are enough pearl farms in this country, so the jewelry here is for every taste and price range. The best local to buy pearls is a farm, they are often visited as part of excursions. During the trip to Halong Bay our group stayed near one of the most famous pearl farms. Prices are not for everyone, but you can pick up inexpensive options for pearl jewelry.


The Vietnamese are not the most drinking nation, but they have very decent alcohol. I want to highlight the local rum, it looks like this:

For a liter bottle, pay about 180 VND, or about $000-8. Local beer will also be a good gift. There are enough options: Saigon, Bivina, Tiger, Halida. At a price of $ 9 to $ 0,6 per can.

Another option for alcoholic drinks as a gift is Vietnamese wine or tincture.


Clothing and replicas

Up to 95% of world brands are produced in Asian countries, so you can buy high-quality replicas at low prices in local markets. Hanoi city has a night market with a wide range of goods: shoes, clothes, accessories, toys. Sellers are absolutely not imposed and are not bargained.

В Saigon there is also a popular market with low prices - Ben Tan. This market has almost all the products from our list.

Unusual sweets

Green tea flavored sweets are popular in Vietnam. Various sweets, chocolate and cookies - all this will be an interesting gift. 

There is another option - bean candies. They are sold in national packages, and the taste is something between halva and cookies. It costs about 50 ($ 000) dong per package.

Exotic fruits

If you went to explore Vietnam in winter, then it will be doubly pleasant to bring fruit back to your homeland. Longan he is the eye of the dragon, lychee, mangosteen and much more - the market to help.

By the way, a great life hack, peeped at the airport: Buy a fruit basket in any store, and take it on the plane as hand luggage. Save space and fruit will be safe.

Creams and cosmetics

Vietnam has good cosmetics, but you should bring something unusual as a gift. This option can be a local cream based on bee extracts.

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Surprisingly, another product from Vietnam that is considered to be of high quality is honey. It is worth buying at bee farms or markets (like the cream from the list above).

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The final item on our list is souvenirs. It makes sense to bring a traditional hat from Vietnam.

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