The Lyakhovichi district has preserved many interesting sights, among which the most notable is Reitanov manor complex. Wooden manor, row houses and family tomb are in the village Grushevka, literally 5 kilometers southeast of Lyakhovichi. A few years ago, reconstruction began here and continues today with varying degrees of success.

Estate of the Reitans of Belarus
Syadziba Reitana 2024
What to see in Grushevka
2020 year

The history of the estate itself goes back to the distant 16th century, when Grushevka (Groshovka) belonged to the Radziwills. The rich lands came to the representatives of the Reitan family as a gift from King John III Sobieski for his services to the crown. Probably in those days, and this is already the middle of the 17th century, the Reitans settled on Belarusian lands.

Reitanov's estate in Grushevka

Perhaps the most famous representative of the ancient family is Tadeusz Reitan, an ardent opponent of the division of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. His story is worthy of special attention; this man was distinguished by principles and ideals, which, unfortunately, ruined him.

Attractions on
estate before reconstruction

But what about the Reitan estate itself in Grushevka? The planning solution for the manor complex that can be seen now is the merit of Dominik Reitan, Tadeusz’s nephew. It was he who built the one-story stone house with a four-column portico depicted in the painting Napoleon Orda. This is probably not the first house on these foundations, but it is the one about which the most information has been preserved.

The Reitan estate in a drawing by Napoleon Orda, mid-19th century
Napoleon Orda

Restored manor in Grushevka

The estate was rebuilt from wood at the very end of the 19th - first half of the 20th century. However, the auxiliary buildings remained stone. What is surprising is that already in those distant times the house was equipped with sewerage and electricity.

Syadziba Reitana

Reitan Manor in 2020
zdymak 2020

In Soviet times, the Reitanov estate was used as a club, and in a later period as a warehouse.

Reitan manor house from the air, 2020

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In addition to the wooden manor itself, the buildings of the stables and outbuildings have also been preserved. The landscape park is worthy of attention, laid out around the entire territory and starting from the entrance gate.

Stable in Grushevka
Brovar in Grushevka
Brovar ruins

manor reytanov grushevka

Abandoned building in Grushevka

Finding the complex is not difficult, see the mark on the map:

Not far from the village of Grushevka is farmstead Nacha и manor complex Soveikiwhich I recommend including in your one-day itinerary.

And some more old photos:

What did the Reitan estate look like before reconstruction?
photo from 2016, before work began
Reitanov's estate in Grushevka
2020 – construction work is already actively underway

farmstead in Grushevka

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