Reitanov's estate in Grushevka

В Lyakhovichi district many interesting sights have been preserved, among which the manor complex stands out Reitanov in the town Grushevka. homestead, like family tombis currently under active restoration. Probably, literally in a year or two, the place will change and become attractive to tourists, at least there is potential. The estate is located 5 kilometers southeast of Lyakhovichi. This architectural monument takes pride of place among the sights of the Brest region.

Manor house of Reitanov

What to see in Grushevka

The recent photographs clearly show that work is being carried out actively. There are construction equipment and workers everywhere, so a visit to the Reitan estate in the near future may be disappointing. Below is a photo of 2016, before work began.

usadba reitanov

In addition to the wooden manor itself, the buildings of the stables and outbuildings have also been preserved. Worthy of attention is the park, laid out around the territory and originating from the entrance gate.

Reitanov's estate in Grushevka

The history of the construction of the Reitanov estate

The Prussian family of Reitanov settled on the territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 16th century, but the construction of the first version of the estate began much later. Under Dominic Reitan, a stone house was laid, on the foundation of which a wooden version would later be built, which has survived to this day.

Of the Reitanov family, Tadeusz is the most famous, an ardent opponent of the division of the Commonwealth. A memorial stone was erected in his honor on the territory of the tomb. Pan Tadeusz is a national hero of Poland.

Attractions on

Attractions Hrushivka

In Soviet times, the Reitanov estate was used as a club, and in a later period as a warehouse.

Reitanov's estate as it looks now

Behind the manor house you can see several more sights, which will probably also begin to be reconstructed soon.

Stable in Grushevka
Brovar in Grushevka
Brovar ruins

manor reytanov grushevka

Abandoned building in Grushevka

Not far from the village of Grushevka is farmstead Nacha и manor complex Soveiki, which can be included in the itinerary of one day.

farmstead in Grushevka

Finding the complex is not difficult, see the mark:

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