The Merzheevsky estate in the village of Grozov

Grozov or Grozovo - a village in the Kopyl district, Minsk region. From Minsk located at a distance of 100 kilometers. This was once the family home of the family. Merzheevsky. Today, the manor house is under restoration, which either freezes or continues.

The manor complex was supposedly erected at the beginning of the 19th century, the architectural style is classicism. The picture gives a general idea. Napoleon Orda.

Although the estate belongs to the genus Merzheevsky, have been owners for a long time Gorvats. The Radziwills and the Wittgensteins also managed to live here.

The rectangular, brick building was erected on spacious, vaulted cellars. The facade was distinguished by a four-column portico, which collapsed a few years ago. But as you can see in the photo of 2019, the columns have already been restored and even plastered.

In the old days, the manor house was surrounded by a park. Today it is difficult to say what has survived from it. There are enough beautiful trees in the district and there is even an alley, but there is no integrity.

The period of the Second World War did not pass without a trace, the palace was burned. Manor Merzheevsky was restored in 1952-53. Until 1975, the school was located, after the manor house was empty for a long time.

There are also several attractions in the village of Grozovo itself. A special place among them is occupied by an unusual church. Rather, the local club, rebuilt from the church, which used to be a church.

erected church in Grozovo at the very beginning of the 19th century - 1801-05. After, in 1870, they gave it to the Orthodox Church. And in 1968 it was converted into a club, there is just a memorable date on the facade.

There were shopping malls nearby. Several buildings have survived to this day; various shops function in them. Do not confuse the village of Grozovo with Grozovok. The second is located a few kilometers away and there was also a manor house. More sights of Belarus on our mapand country tours. If you are in Grozovo, I also recommend visiting Zamosc и Sunai.

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Christina Sabinina
Christina Sabinina
4 years ago

You are misleading, for several years no work has been carried out in it, because an incorrectly installed ceiling collapsed inside. There was no talk at all about the historicity of the restoration. And the columns were plastered back in 2017.

Christina Sabinina
Christina Sabinina
4 years ago

Well, let's hope you're right. In the summer of 19, all the collapsed ceilings were still inside and only the basement was really in good condition.
It just tugged that you were talking about restored columns, but you didn’t say a word about poor-quality work, collapsed ceilings, concrete blocks and metal structures. We are not talking about restoration in this format, this is a construction site on the basis of an architectural monument.