It is always interesting to see how the architecture and development of the city has changed over a long period of time. In this material I have selected unique postcards first half of the 20th century, which depicted the old city of Grodno and its cult objects. To be able to compare “before and after”, I tried to take a photo from similar angles.

*All postcards are scanned from the book Time Travel by Vladimir Likhodedov.

Soviet Square (Cathedral / Town Hall)

In the background you can see the permanent symbol of Grodno - Church of Francis Xavier, and on the front - the building of the town hall and shopping arcades, which have not survived to this day.

Soviet Square Grodno on a postcard

Center Grodno

Karl Marx Street (Merchant)

In the center of the frame - Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, built at the Brigittoque monastery.

Brigid Monastery in Grodno

Beautiful places in Grodno

On the next postcard, attention is drawn to the 3-tiered bell tower. In its place now there is nothing, only a small flower bed.

What Grodno looked like at the beginning of the 20th century

Grodno places on old photos

On one of the old postcards, made before 1915, there is an interesting angle of the Farny Church. On it there is an opportunity to look not at the facade of the temple, but at its apse and the adjoining buildings of the Jesuit monastery.

Grodno on old postcards

Karl Marx street in Grodno

Former Carmelite Church

From Mostovaya Street, a view of the place where it used to be Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. This temple has not survived to this day, there is only a stylized facade, but you can still pick up an angle from an old postcard.

Carmelite Monastery in Grodno old photo

Former Carmelite monastery in Grodno

May 1 Street (Kirkhovaya, May 3 Alley)

Must see in Grodno Lutheran church, the image of which was repeatedly placed on postcards of different periods.

Kirkha Grodno on an old postcard

In the background, pay attention to the building of the former school of Tsarevich Alexei. Both places of worship have survived.

Grodno street May 1

Bridge between castles

An unusual postcard from the mid-20s of the last century, which photographed the bridge connecting the Old and New Castles. In one of the arches is visible Church of Our Lady of Angels, built at the monastery of the Franciscans and located on the other side of the Neman.

Old postcards Grodno

Grodno bridge to the Old Castle

old lock

One of the places of worship in Grodno is, of course, old lockwhose history is full of mysteries and mysteries. It is difficult to imagine how many times the object was rebuilt and its appearance changed. But thanks to an old postcard from the last century, you can find out exactly how the Old Castle looked in the 30s.

Old Castle in Grodno on a postcard

Grodno Old Castle photo

And another angle (earlier).

Postcards of the first half of the 20th century Grodno

Slavutasci Grodna Stary Zamak

Eliza Ozheshko Street

A small one-story house on Eliza Ozheshko Street is well known not only to the residents of Grodno, but also to many visitors. Today, within the walls of the building is the eponymous museumdedicated to the famous writer.

House of Eliza Orzeszko old photo

Eliza Ozheshko Street in Grodno

Often, images of quite ordinary buildings were placed on old postcards, for example, here is a picture of the post office at the intersection of Ozheshko and Telegrafnaya streets.

Grodno in old photos

Muravyovskaya street in Grodno

Tizengauza Square

"Crooked" office of Grodno, also known as musical. A monument attracts attention on an old postcard - this is a monument to Independence.

Tyzengauz Square in Grodno on an old postcard

Tyzengauz Square in Grodno

View of the castles from the Neman

Below is not the brightest and most unique postcard depicting the city, but it is interesting because it clearly shows what transformation Grodno castles and the embankment went through.

View of Grodno old postcard

Castles Grodno

View of Bernardine Church and an old brovar.

Grodno on old postcards

Slavutasc Grodno

Former estate Stanislavovo

Sometimes postcards (the one below was made before 1910) depicted estates and small palaces. Photographers of that time could not ignore the beautiful estate of the last king of the Commonwealth Stanislavovo.

Sights of Grodno on old postcards

Poniatowski Palace


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