Kletsk never ceases to amaze at the sights. In addition to the standard set like church и церкви, interesting buildings have been preserved in the city old hospital. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century and consists of three buildings. Today, the economic administration is located here, but no one forbids to see this place.

Kletsk hospital

Like Polish barracks, the hospital was built in architecture modern. On the plate "historical heritage" - there is a date of completion of construction work - 1909 year. Probably then the first building of the hospital was commissioned (pictured below).

Beautiful places in Kletsk

All buildings are brick, with an abundance of decorative elements in the Neo-Gothic style. The facades have lancet passages and small turrets.

Hospital in Kletsk building 1

The main building is decorated with the coat of arms of Kletsk.

Hospital Kletsk

Building 3 is the simplest, meets with a sign “Complex of household services”. In addition, it stands out with a high tower in four tiers.

Hospital in Kletsk building 3

The Kletsk hospital functioned only until 1917. Then the premises were partially used for classrooms.


After the Second World War, the hospital was badly damaged, the buildings were in disrepair, and they were restored only in 1995.

Ancient hospital in Kletsk

The second building of the hospital.

Buildings of the former hospital Kletsk

Ancient hospital Kletsk

I am glad that the restorers did not begin to plaster the red brick - this would definitely spoil the appearance of the former hospital.

Hospital in Kletsk building 2

Finding the attraction is easy, see the location on the map:

Not far from the hospital is the former Kletsk yeshiva “Etz Chaim”.

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