Futuristic UFO houses in San Zhi

Taiwan Island with numerous temples, impressive nature and modern urban buildings, it is also remarkable for the traditions and beliefs of the locals. Proof of that - ghost town of San Zhi (Sanch Zhi). An abandoned place can be found near the capital of Taipei. But you won't be able to see them live.

San Zhi is located on the northern coast of Taiwan and was built as a city for wealthy people. The elite buildings created an unusual futuristic landscape: two-level colorful houses looked like small spaceships with round rooms.

In the 70s, when the construction of the city for the local rich began, the building looked luxurious. But the city was never inhabited.

During construction, accidents began to occur with workers. People died under mysterious circumstances. Impressive Taiwanese began to spread rumors about the vengeful ghosts of the Japanese death camp (once located in this area).

Gradually, the rumors grew into a legend that reached the very rich people for whom the city was built. They lost their desire to buy luxury housing in the city of ghosts. Despite this, the construction was completed. Even held a grand opening ceremony of San Zhi and waited for buyers.

Over time, it became clear that no one would invest in such housing. Then the owner company decided to change the concept and create a luxury resort for American military personnel on this site. But advertising campaigns and beautiful pictures failed to entice tourists to go on vacation to sinister ghosts.

Soon the Sanjhih Township company went bankrupt, and the luxury apartments gradually turned into ruins. The houses lost their attractive appearance and lost their roofs, the pools with slides were overgrown with moss, and the paths turned into wild thickets.

Several times the government prepared to demolish the post-apocalyptic UFO houses, but local residents always interfered with their plans. They assured that evil spirits should not be disturbed in order to avoid troubles. Ultimately, the "city of the future" was demolished. But before that, the city was able to enjoy the glory - curious tourists and photographers began to visit it in search of an unusual "space image".

Photo source: estetico.me

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Sasha Poshykovich
Sasha Poshykovich
5 years ago

Famous, fat abandoned