Rakov - a small town near the capital of Belarus, it is famous for its historical and religious wealth; Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and St. Dominic Museum of Yanushkevich and  Transfiguration Church . sights Rakova always aroused great interest among visitors. Due to the abundance of places of historical heritage, the city remains attractive for visiting tourists.

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summary - Rakov is an agro-town, Volozhinsky district, Minsk region.

Rakovskiy church. Historical summaries

The church arose in 1906, built with the assistance of the landlords Zdziechowskiwho lived in the neighborhood. During the construction, yellow brick materials were used. The work was carried out in accordance with the architectural rules that were characteristic of medieval Gothic.

What to see in Rakov

church in Rakov

Thanks to this, the building itself was given a more ancient look that corresponded to the past era. No matter how hard the masters tried to fulfill their tasks, one could trace the imprints of Art Nouveau in their works, they could be traced in the careful study of the seams of the entire masonry.

Rakovskiy church

For quite a long time the church was not used, only in 1990 it began to serve for the benefit of the entire believing population.

city ​​of Rakov

Museum of Yanushkevich

Felix Yanushkevich - founder of the gallery-museum in Rakov, a talented master of fine arts, restoration. This gallery is a treasure of the city. On each of the floors of the museum, as well as in the basement and in the courtyard, there are exhibits of the museum.

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There is a large number of antique items of different times (furniture, musical instruments, old documents, clothes, etc.), a large-scale collection of ceramics.

Museum in Rakov

One of the central figures of the museum Yanushkevich is the harmonium of old times and the secretary of Adam himself Mickiewicz.

Connection with this famous person Yanushevich very close, since Felix's great-great-grandfather served as a secretary for Mickiewicz and the secretary is rightfully a family heirloom of the family Yanushkevich.

In fact, each exhibit of the museum-gallery is a whole separate story with exciting descriptions of events. Museum owner Yanushkevich, in person, can talk for hours about his gallery. This place is very popular among both Belarusians and guests of the country.

Transfiguration Church

The Transfiguration Church is another interesting landmark of Rakov's architecture. The church in Rakov was founded in 1735, but its construction was significantly delayed and all work was completed after almost 60 years from the beginning, and the temple itself was consecrated in honor of the Transfiguration of the Lord.

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Throughout its history, the church has experienced many reconstructions, including the construction of a bell tower on its territory. In 1899, the parish was also decorated with a majestic chandelier, which was purchased at the expense of the parishioners.

Today the Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior has a rectangular shape. On the south side of which is Nikolskaya chapel with an altar, and on the north side there is a sacristy.

Initially, the main facade of the church was decorated with two towers, but in the process of rebuilding it into an Orthodox church, they were dismantled. The dome was also liquidated, as a result of which the church acquired its present form.

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In the temple there is an icon, very revered by the parishioners, called "Athos". It was received in 1910 as a gift to the church from the monks of Mount Athos. This list was made on a cypress board by the monks; a small part of the Life-Giving Cross of the Lord, a pebble from the tomb of the Virgin and particles of the relics of Saints George the New, were also invested in it. Charalambia and Gregory Palamas.

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Julia Zhirkova
Julia Zhirkova
9 years ago

Amazing architecture, clean lines and universal tranquility. It's great that there are still places on our planet where you can relax your soul and wash off the streams of informational dirt, cleanse yourself.