Abandoned city in America. Ghost Town Bodie

On the border of California and the state of Nevada, there is a real ghost town Bodie. The town got its name in honor of William Bodie, who was able to discover gold in these lands. True, he failed to see the settlement, making his way from Mono Lake from the Sierra Nevada mountains, the seeker froze to death. William's ancestors founded a city here and began to actively mine gold. For 5 years, the searchers were able to find another rich vein in those places and Bodie began to grow rapidly. By 1880, about 10000 people permanently lived on these lands.

Of course, the city of the times of the gold rush in America, couldn't be safe. Every day there were crimes, from raids on banks and stagecoaches, to bloody murders. However, all this did not prevent the city from flourishing until some time.

What happened? And how did the ghost town come about? The answer is quite simple and obvious.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there is a revision of gold prices and the metal becomes less attractive for mining. The exodus of residents begins.

Literally for some 20 years, the population has decreased tenfold. And the analysis of the railway line in 1917 put an end to the further fate of the city of Bodie.

In the year 32 of the 20th century, another trouble happens - a severe fire (or arson?). Nearly the entire business center of Bodie burns out. A few years later, the post office stops working, but the gold still remains, so a few residents remain.

In 1962, an abandoned city in America, California, was adapted into a historical park, which still operates today. If you are interested in Bodie Ghost Town, then see also Abandoned amusement park.

photo from the site pixabay

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