What to see in Kaunas in 1 day?

When you want to go abroad of our white stone, but only a couple of days left, you can choose a Lithuanian city as your destination Kaunas. No less important than Vilnius, the city attracts not only with its sights, but also with beautiful views. Many people remember and know this city as Kovno, which has preserved many medieval objects. In this article, we will consider what to see in Kaunas in 1 or 2 days. Also where to stay and how to get to the city. Let's go through the main sights and iconic places. Consider options for interesting excursions in Kaunas.

In Kaunas, except for foreign tourists, the probability of meeting a person with a passport of another country is extremely small. The main part of the population of the city of Kaunas are Lithuanians. If you speak Russian, you should not expect special hospitality from the inhabitants of the city. Of course, a stone will not fly at you, but some hostility is still felt. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to take a Lithuanian phrase book with you. But despite this, our tourists love the city and will not refuse to go to Kaunas for the weekend.

How to get to Kaunas

Get out Minsk to Kaunas possible in different ways. The most convenient, no doubt, will be own car. 280 km, 3,5 hours on the road and you are there.

But if you do not have such an opportunity, you can use public transport. The best option would be a bus. Ecolines will take you there 28 rubles. But be sure to check the schedule, flights to the city do not depart every day (unlike the buses that take you to the airport). Domestic transport company is popular "Kautra».

main sights of kaunas

By train you can get to Kaunas only with a transfer. Unfortunately, there is no direct rail link between the cities. You can get from Minsk to Vilnius, the ticket price is from 45 rubles, you just need to choose the train that suits your time. From the Lithuanian capital to Kaunas, you can again get by train, bus or, for example, with the help of BlaBlaCar drivers for a nominal fee of a couple of euros.

Kaunas Hotels

As in all tourist cities, Kaunas has a lot of accommodation options. You can stay in hostels, budget hotels 2-3 * or choose a 4-5 * class hotel. The cost of accommodation in the city is from 40 rubles in hostels and from 60 rubles in hotels. See options for yourself here.

Popular hotels include:

happy inn, slightly out of the center. A double room can be booked for 70 rubles.

Metropolis 3* located in the heart of the city and is in demand among tourists. For a day in a double room, you will be charged 89 rubles.

Studio in Kaunas Apartments can be booked for 68 rubles. airbnb to help.

The main attractions of Kaunas

The city has preserved many authentic sights and examples of baroque, renaissance and gothic architecture.

The most attractive object of the central part of the city is Kaunas castle (Kovno Castle), or rather what is left of it. The construction of the defensive fortress began in the 13th century. The castle has been under renovation since 2012. The remains of the former power can be estimated from the surviving walls and one of the four towers.

On the opposite side is a large monastic church complex. Saint GeorgeNow there is an active restoration going on.

walking along Old city, pay attention to Church of Saints Peter and Paul 17 century.

The Cathedral on the Town Hall Square is the only Gothic church in Lithuania built in the form of a basilica.

Of course, you should definitely take a walk along the main pedestrian street of Kaunas - Laisvės alleys.

Located at the very beginning of the street Church of St. Michael the Archangel, not the most popular attraction of the city, but absolutely undeserved.

Town Hall "White Swan" The 16th century has managed to visit a church, the residence of princes, an institute, a fire station and a museum throughout history.

Nearby you will see Jesuit church, the construction of which was begun in 1666 in honor of St. Francis Xavier.

Immediately behind the church, a unique architectural structure has been preserved - house of Perkūnas. The medieval curiosity was rebuilt several times, but did not change its original appearance. A bronze figurine of the pagan god of thunder was found in one of the walls of the Gothic house.

The oldest temple in Kaunas - Church of Vytautas, built of red brick in the 15th century. The architectural style is Gothic. The Catholic shrine belongs to the cultural values ​​of Lithuania.

Near the Vytautas the Great University, you can visit several museums: Čiurlionis, military Museum of Vitovt and the only one in world museum of devils.

Interesting objects on the outskirts of Kaunas will be the Pažaislis Monastery and the IX Fort of the Kovno Fortress.

On the shore of the Kaunas reservoir, on a hill, in 1662 Christopher Sigismund Pac built Pazhaislis Monastery.

The architectural ensemble has clearly expressed baroque features. Music festivals and concerts are held annually on its territory.

IX fort, which during the First World War was a prison, later served as a place of mass extermination of Jews. Today, a museum complex has been built on this site in memory of the victims.

Excursions in Kaunas

Kaunas is a city full of attractions. If you have the opportunity to use the services of a professional guide, then do not refuse. So you definitely won’t miss anything important, and the question of what to see in Kaunas in 1 day will fall on the shoulders of the guide. Below are 2 options for sightseeing tours: in a new way and in the old city. Read the detailed description if you're interested.

If you are not so interested in sightseeing tours, then look at the options for activities from the list below:

Interesting facts about Kaunas

One of the city's shopping centers houses the largest aquarium in the Baltics. You can see him in the lobby Shopping center "Mega". It is home to over 30 species of fish and even sharks. For some time, the aquarium held one of the positions in the top 10 tallest aquariums in the world.

On the Marvelles River you can find a great place that romantics will appreciate. In 1881, a stone cascading bridge was built across the river. The picturesque valley with a man-made waterfall is often used by photographers as a location for photo shoots.

The oldest airfield in Lithuania is located in Kaunas. For a long time it was abandoned, but now it is used as a base for small aircraft. On the territory of the airfield you can visit the museum and the memorial of aviators.

what to see in kaunas in 1 day

Kaunas often called the city of museums. On a relatively small area of ​​157 km² there are more than 10 thematic museums.

I hope you found the material helpful. what to see in Kaunas in 1 day. I also recommend watching the overview article about Warsawand useful services for travelers.


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