All three complexes have 6 charging stations  - their installation in Gomel deals with the network EZS Malanka. It is planned that the new electric charging complexes will start operating in early 2022. Complexes will appear st. Gagarina, 65, st. Ilyich, 333 and st. Mazurova, 117.

Each station has a power 50 кВт, which allows owners of electric vehicles to recharge the charge for 30-40 kilometers in just 10 minutes. Such complexes are the know-how of Belarusian developers. To date, such complexes operate only in Minsk и Grodno. Gomel became the third city where new EZS will appear.

charging complexes for electric vehicles in Belarus

Gomel was chosen for the installation of electric discharge complexes in Malanka, since this city is the second largest in the country and the potential for the development of electric mobility in it is huge.

"According to Belstat, there are about 1000 cars per 300 inhabitants in Gomel. If we imagine that in the near future at least half of motorists will switch to electric cars, then the installation of electric charging systems is now more relevant than ever. The complexes allow you to simultaneously charge several electric vehicles in places where it is needed. Arriving in the city, drivers do not need to wait in the parking lot until the only charging column is free, but they can quickly and without queuing recharge the car in just half an hour”, says the head of the department of operation of the charging infrastructure Production Association “Belorusneft” Susarenko Maxim.

In addition, a new charging station for one connector is already operating at gas station No. 21, on the street. Dokutovich 57a, and in the coming months the station EZS st. Dubravnoy, 10 (3 units 50 kW), as well as in the village red and at gas station No. 59, which is located on the 285th km of the M-5 highway.

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