Go skateboarding day in Minsk

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of holidays in the world that only a narrow circle of people knows about. Today we will talk aboutSkateboarding Day“, aka GSD, Go Skate, 21 june, city jam and of course just go skateboarding day. Every year since 2003, millions of skaters around the world take to the streets to ride with friends and celebrate this holiday. This year Minsk will not be on the sidelines, so do not be afraid of people with boards on June 21st.

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Briefly about the history of the holiday

Back in the early 90s USA, where skateboarding is very popular, there was a park boom. In large cities, the mass construction of skateparks began, where most skaters went to ride. Comfortable conditions, smooth concrete and all kinds of figures all this should have removed teenagers from the streets. With those who continued "destroy“edges and railings began a silent war. Signs “NO SKATEBOARDING” and impressive fines for skating began to appear in American cities. But as often happens - "forbidden fruit is sweet" and skaters continued to stay on the streets. Hence, according to one version, the name of the holiday appeared “go skateboarding day”As a result, painting over the next sign prohibiting skiing. (DO NOT = GO)

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In 2003, the first unofficial skateboarding day was held, under the slogan “No school. No work. no commitment. Just skate.” The organizer was IASC (association of skateboard companies). The event was so successful and was able to gather such a huge number of participants that a few years later the United States Congress signed a paper recognizing “go skateboarding day” as an official holiday.

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For Belarus, this holiday is not alien and unknown, the first celebration took place in 2008 in Minsk. At that time, several hundred spectators and about 50 participants came to the event. This was a really important push for the cultivation of GSD in our country. Subsequently, every year the scale of skiing on this day only gained momentum.

How was the holiday in Minsk before:

GSD 2018 will certainly take place this time as well.


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