Main synagogue Grodno located in the historical center, next to old castle и fire tower. Just a few years ago, the reconstruction was completed and now this attraction is open to everyone.

What to see in Grodno - Great Choral Synagogue

History of the Grodno synagogue

The history of the synagogue goes back to the 1580th century, when in XNUMX it was built according to the design of an Italian architect. Santi Gucci. The latter was invited for construction by the rabbi Mordechai Yaffe, a native of Prague, who in 1572 came to Grodno. Despite the fact that the synagogue was made of stone, in 1617 it was completely destroyed by fire.

Synagogue in Grodno

Grodno synagogue

Polish King Sigismund III agreed to the restoration of the Grodno synagogue in its original place. The newly rebuilt synagogue stood until 1899, when it burned down again.

The building of the synagogue in its present form was built in 1902-1905 by the architect Ilya Frunkin in the Moorish style (an offshoot of eclectic architecture).

Synagogue in Grodno old photos
This is how the synagogue looked at the beginning of the 20th century, when the reconstruction was completed. Photo source:

The Great Choral Synagogue of Grodno during the German occupation was used as a collection point for people to be sent to concentration camps. During the Second World War, the rich interior decor was badly damaged - most of the valuables were looted. During the Soviet period, the building of the main synagogue in Grodno was used as a warehouse. Then the creative workshops of Grodno artists were located within the walls of the temple.

Synagogue Grodno after reconstruction

In 1992 the building was returned to the Jewish community. The restoration of the synagogue began only in 2007. However, a fire intervened again, this happened in 2013. Despite all the problems, the Great Choral Synagogue of Grodno is open and completely restored. Below you can see photos of 2015-16.

The synagogue is located at Bolshaya Troitskaya street, 59A. Currently you can visit Museum "On Troitskaya". The museums contain exhibits that tell the history of the Jewish community of Grodno since the time of Vytautas the Great.

While in Grodno try to visit Church of Francis Xavier и Boris and Gleb Church.



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