What to see in Kiev? City guide and excursions

Ancient Kiev, famous for its legends, beautiful architecture and historical events. The largest and most attractive city of Ukraine, it is also the capital of the state. According to records in the chronicles, the city was founded in the 5th century, but archaeological finds speak of earlier settlements in the area.

Kiev got its name on behalf of one of the founders of the city - Kyi. He had brothers Shchek and Khoriv and sister Lybid. The city fortification became the center for the East Slavic tribe of the Polyans.

According to The Tale of Bygone Years, in 882 Kiev became the capital of Kievan Rus. The city received such a status thanks to Prince Oleg of Novgorod (aka Oleg Veshchiy), who captured the city and endowed this land with the status of "the mother of Russian cities."

In the middle of the 13th century, Kiev was destroyed by the Mongol-Tatars, who established their own political regime in the city. The same Rurikovichi ruled the city, but only at the whistle of the Khan.

Throughout its history, Kiev managed to be part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (from 1362 to 1569), was part of the Commonwealth (1569-1654) and was under the control of the Russian kingdom (later the Russian Empire). During the civil war, it became the capital of the Ukrainian state, and since 1920 it was part of the Ukrainian SSR. Since 1991, Kiev has acquired the status of the capital of Ukraine, which it is now.

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Where to stay in Kiev

There are enough hostels and hotels in the city to choose the right option for the location and cost of the room.

hostel and hotels in kiev

For example, a seat in a 10-seat Hostel "MUZeYNY" in the city center will cost only $ 6, there you can spend the night for $ 17 in a double room.

More modern DREAM House Hostel will reserve a place for you in an 8-bed room for $12. The location of the hostel is amazing, close to the main attractions of the city.

If you choose among hotels, you can book a room in Maison Blanche Kyivlocated in the central part of the city. The hotel has single, double, family and two-level rooms, made in different styles. A single room will cost $30, a double room - $46.

If you really want to go on a cruise, but arrived in Kiev, you can book a “cabin room” in a hotel decorated in a marine style, namely, on a ship. Hotel "Bohdan Khmelnytsky" offers a double room for $28.

В "Incognito Boutique Hotel" you will pay for accommodation in a double room 53 $.

If you are looking for a higher level of service, you can stay 5 km from the center, but close to the metro in a cozy hotel Mercure Kyiv Congress. Double room with breakfast will cost $ 85.

See all other options here.

Kiev architecture

There are enough sights in Kiev to get tired of looking at them and even listing them. The historical part of the city has retained its charm and is replete with eye-catching buildings.

see kiev in one day

city ​​of kiev

You can start your journey around the city with the legendary Khreshchatyk streets near European Square. On weekends, the street becomes pedestrian. The architecture is dominated by buildings from the 1950s.

kreschatik kiev

Not far from the metro station Khreschatyk is a unique building built in Art Nouveau style. House with Chimeras (aka the house of Gorodetsky) is notable for sculptures of representatives of the underwater world, terrestrial creatures and fairy-tale characters on the facade of the building.

defense monument "Golden Gate" ("gate to heaven") was built at the beginning of the 11th century. The fortress tower was crowned with the Annunciation Church with a golden dome. In 1982 and 2007, the monument was reconstructed and a museum was opened within its walls.

One of the most ancient monuments of architecture, which has been preserved in the central part of Kiev - Sophia Cathedral.

The temple with a bell tower was erected in the 11th century by Yaroslav the Wise. Frescoes and inscriptions of St. Sophia of Kiev have been preserved inside the cathedral. The National Reserve "Sofia Kievskaya" is named in her honor, which includes the St. Sophia Cathedral, the Golden Gate, St. Cyril's and St. Andrew's Churches. Sophia Cathedral is depicted on the 5-ruble coin of the USSR in 1988.

Kiev Sophia Cathedral

Built almost from scratch Golden-Domed St. Michael's Monastery in Kiev it was built on the site of a destroyed monastery of the 12th century. It is recommended to visit it in sunny weather to see the play of the domes. There is a theory that it was St. Michael's Cathedral that was the first church with gilded domes in Russia.

St. Andrew's Church Kiev

Andrew's Churchlocated on st. Andreevsky descent 23, is a baroque monument of architecture. The temple was built by order of Empress Catherine from 1749 to 1754. The architect Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli was invited to create the project.

castle of richard the lionheart kiev

Next to the church is Richard's Castle - Lionheart, built in 1904 and looks like a classic noble castle. The roof of the castle house is crowned with a spire. Famous artists and sculptors lived and worked here in a certain period.

Next to this place are the M. Bulgakov Museum, the Art Gallery, the National Museum of the History of Ukraine.

On Taras Shevchenko Boulevard there is a bright cathedral that attracts the attention of tourists - St. Vladimir's Cathedral. Built in neo-Byzantine style in 1882, it is one of the main temples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

St. Volodymyr's Cathedral Kiev

Here is also the largest synagogue in Kiev, built at the end of the 19th century according to the project of Georgy Shleifer. Choral synagogue was erected at the expense of Lazar Brodsky. Its opening was timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Brodsky. Over the years of its existence, the synagogue has gone through many rebuildings and reconstructions, but has not lost its attractiveness.

In Kiev, one of the first monasteries has been preserved, built back in the time of Kievan Rus in 1051 - Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. The monastery received the status of a Lavra in 1688. This complex includes 14 Orthodox churches, a monastery and 7 museums. In the same place, in the dungeon of the Lavra, there are cells, a princely tomb and the relics of the Saints. The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Historical Heritage List.

An example of unique architecture for Kiev - Nicholas Church in neo-gothic style. The large-scale temple with stained-glass windows is also called the home of organ and chamber music, as symphony concerts are held here.

nikolaev church kiev

The Catholic church was built at the beginning of the 19th century and attracts not only tourists, but also wedding photographers.

Interesting facts about Kiev:

The oldest street in Kiev, Volodymyrska, is more than a thousand years old. Many museums, historical sites and educational institutions of the city are concentrated on it.

Kiev has the deepest metro station in the world. The depth of the Arsenalnaya station is 105 meters. The first place is awarded to her at the expense of the hill under which the station is laid. The opening of Arsenalnaya took place in 1960. The walls were decorated with white and pink marble. Only a subway station in the DPRK can compete with it in depth.

interesting sculptures in kiev

A business card and the most popular souvenir that is brought from the Ukrainian capital is the Kiev cake. The delicacy has been produced since 1956 at the Kiev confectionery factory named after Karl Marx. A cake is prepared from walnut cakes with a layer of butter cream and sprinkled with hazelnut crumbs.

The highest monument in Kiev is the sculpture "Motherland", installed in 1981 on the territory of the memorial complex "Museum of the Great Patriotic War". Its height is 102 meters.

There is a building on Prorizna Street that has the smallest elevator in Kiev. Its size is almost 0,5 m² and only 1 person is placed in it at a time.

Sightseeing tour of Kiev

How to get to Kiev?

Kiev is located in the north of the country, 570 km away from Minsk. If you are planning a trip to this city, it is worth considering all modes of transport and routes.

Own car

Definitely the most convenient mode of transport. Without long stops, you can get from Minsk to Kiev in 7-8 hours on the way. You can make a route along the M5 / P31 / P82 highway with a passage through Ukraine past Chernobyl and Ivankov. Or choose a route in the direction of Bobruisk-Gomel-Chernigov. On one of the Ukrainian portals, we tracked the condition of the roads and we recommend that you take the second route.


If spending 8 hours on the road is a nightmare for you, you can use the services of airlines Belavia or UIA and fly from Minsk to Kiev in 1 hour. The cost of a round trip ticket is from $150 per person.

The international airport "Kyiv" or Zhuliany is located 8 km from the center of Kiev in the southwest direction. The second airport - Boryspil, is located in the city of the same name, 18 km from Kiev and is the largest airport in the Ukrainian capital with a passenger flow of more than 10 million people a year. Antonov Airport is used for cargo transportation and aircraft testing.


From Minsk there is a direct bus company "Ecolines". It departs daily in the evening and will take you to Kiev in 12 hours. The cost of a boarding ticket is 65 rubles.

Buses depart more often, travel faster and cost less - from 40 to 60 rubles (depending on the date and time of departure).

Departure from Minsk from the Central bus station. The bus arrives at the main bus station in Kiev.

You can get from Borispol airport to Kiev by public transport. Buses number 2, 11, 16, 17 and 322 will take you to the capital.

Bus number 322 departs from Kiev to the airport from the South Railway Station. You can get to Borispol and transfer to public transport by routes number 317 (from the metro station Kharkiv or Borisopolskaya) and number 316 (from the metro station Levoberezhnaya).


You can get to Kiev by train. From Minsk the international train departs at 14.13 and 22.40, following through Gomel. 10-12 hours on the road and you are there.

The cost of a seat in a reserved seat is from 70 rubles, in a compartment - from 110 rubles.

maidan kiev square

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