Lithuanian capital Vilnius – the nearest European hub for all travelers and tourists from Belarus. Buses and minibuses depart from Minsk almost every hour. Many people go to Vilnius to then fly from local airport to neighboring and more distant countries. However, at the stage when you just arrive at the bus station, there is often a need to leave your luggage in order to go for a walk, for example, eat, see the sights or something else. So where can you leave things in Vilnius? The best options are railway station (Vilnius Railway Station) and bus station (Siuntos autobusais Vilniaus terminalas). And there and there are storage rooms.

Railway station in Vilnius

At the railway station, in my opinion, it is a little easier and more convenient to do this. In the left wing of the building, if you look from the main entrance, there is just a room with chambers for storing things of various sizes.

Luggage Storage Vilnius

There are 3 types of electronic boxes:

L - for large luggage

М - for travel bags

S - hand luggage and backpacks

Luggage Storage Vilnius

The price for a box differs by about one euro (the less, the cheaper). At the time of my trip, the storage service cost - 4 euros per cell L. Please note that the maximum time for which you can leave your things is 7 days (default is 12 hours). Tariffs change, so you can only see the current prices on the information board near the storage room.

How does luggage storage work in Vilnius?

*If you have already closed the cell, and then remembered that you need to get something from your luggage, you will have to pay for the storage service again.

Where to leave things at the train station in Vilnius?

Storage boxes are automated and easy to use:

  1. Choose a cell of the appropriate size.
  2. Put your things and luggage there.
  3. Follow the instructions on the scoreboard screen and complete the payment.
  4. Take a check with the code from your cell (take a photo for convenience).

Where to leave luggage in Vilnius?

*Opening the cell, if you forget or lose the code, will cost about 10 euros.

Nuances to keep in mind

Luggage storage is open around the clock, but there is no train station, keep this in mind. The schedule of the station is from 4:30 to 23:30.

You can pay for boxing only with coins, the machine does not give change. You can exchange money in a cafe in the lobby of the station.

Getting your luggage back is simple - enter the code and the number of the cell. However, do not forget that if you “overexposed” things, you will have to pay extra (do not forget that the machine only accepts coins).

Below is the point with the location of the luggage storage at the Vilnius railway station:

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