In almost the entire territory Belarus there is a bright and beautiful bird - common jay (Garrulus glandarius). Externally, the jay is recognizable and colorful: the birds are predominantly pinkish-brown in color, with white and black markings on the wings and characteristic blue-black stripes on the sides of the wings. The head is usually lighter in color with a black stripe across the eyes. The body length varies from 32 to 35 centimeters, and the wingspan is about 54-58 cm. The jay's beak is strong and sharp, suitable for a wide variety of diets.

Garrulus glandarius

These birds are not only beautiful and biologically interesting, but also important to the ecosystems in which they live. Jays play a key role in the spread of oak trees as they bury oak nuts in the ground as a winter reserve. Some of these nuts are not eaten and germinate into new trees.

Great jay

Garrulus glandarius, like other corvids, exhibits a high level of intelligence, including the ability to solve complex problems and even use a variety of tools.

Birds of Belarus

The symbolic meaning of the jay can vary depending on cultural context and personal beliefs. Because of its cautious and vigilant behavior, the jay is often associated with caution and the ability to anticipate danger. The jay's ability to imitate the sounds of other birds and its environment makes it a symbol of communication and adaptation to different situations.

What does a jay bird look like?

In the corvid family, to which the jay belongs, the birds are known for their intelligence and resourcefulness, making the jay a symbol of cunning and intelligence. Jays are very protective of their nests and young, which can symbolize family values ​​and protection of loved ones. Because jays help spread oak seeds, they can also symbolize growth, development and rebirth.

Beautiful birds of Belarus - common jay

Jays are omnivorous birds. They eat insects, nuts, seeds, berries, and sometimes small animals or carrion. Jays build fairly large nests in trees using branches, grass and other materials. They are known for their caution and secrecy during nesting.

Photo of a jay bird

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