Losk is an interesting village in which a rather atypical terrain for Belarus prevails, which at one time contributed to the construction here Lossky Castle. Presumably, a wooden fortress was erected on a local settlement in the first half of the 14th century. It is known about the castle in Losk: the total area of ​​the castle was approximately 75 by 160 meters, surrounded by a wooden fence with 10 towers and two entrance gates. In the center of the settlement there were various buildings, as well as a two-story palace (there is an assumption that there were 2 palaces).

Where was the castle in Losk?

The settlement in Loska is a monument of archeology in Belarus; excavations have been carried out here several times, the last one in the 90s.

Fortification in the village of Losk

View from the mountain in Losque

If you drive along the road to the center of the village, you can see a wooden church from 1930 and an Orthodox church. The ancient settlement is clearly visible at the entrance, below is the dot with the location on the map:

The Nekrashevich estate “Great Court” was also located in these parts, from which the unusual construction of a stable has been preserved.

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