Today it may be hard to believe, but Lukoml, Vitebsk region, is one of the oldest corners on the territory of modern Belarus. Once upon a time, a whole city stood here, and chronicle references go as far as the middle of the 11th century. However, history was harsh on these places, and numerous wars and battles endlessly passed through the once strong Lukom principality. A reminder of the former greatness of Lukoml is hillfort, not far from the center of the agro-town, which offers a gorgeous view of the river.

Ancient settlement in Lukoml

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Here was a fortified Lukoml Castle, which was completely destroyed by the troops of Ivan the Terrible in 1563. From that period, the decline of the city begins, which eventually received the status of an ordinary village.

Ancient settlement in Lukoml

Near the ancient settlement there is a rather picturesque attraction - metal bridge across the river Lukomka.

Unusual footbridge in the agricultural town of Lukoml

Below is a point with a castle mark on the map:

Near these places you can see "White" Church on the peninsula, as well as to visit the ruins of the temple in the village of Pochaevichi.


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