The real castle appeared in the village Gaytunishki, Voronovsky district, at the beginning of the 17th century. It was built for himself by the owner of this place Peter Nonhart (he received land as a reward for his service as a Vilna mayor and head of the royal buildings), and an engineer-architect helped him in this Van Duden. It should be noted that this house, the Nonhart fortress, is the only architectural object of this kind that has survived to this day.

Manor in Gaytyunishki

At different times, the building belonged to representatives of many famous families of Belarus: Khreptovichi, Korfi, Streters, Putkamery, Rimshi.

Gaytyunishki house fortress

Gaytunishki old photo
old photo, early 20th century, by Jan Bulhak

Household of the Nonharts It is a rectangular building with two main floors and a three-story tower. It was originally built as a defensive structure, because of this, the thickness of the walls in some places reaches one and a half meters. The facades of the buildings are practically not decorated in any way, but this is quite justified by the main task of the house.

House-fortress of the Nonharts in the village of Gaytyunishki

nonhart house

But inside it was a secluded dwelling with elements of luxury - the rooms had multi-colored stoves and fireplaces, the walls had multi-themed drawings complemented by stucco. There is a large basement.

Gaytyunishki map

In the 70s, the 20th century, a porch and a one-story building were added to the building.

Nonhart Fortress House

Gaytyushki fortress

In the middle of the 20th century, it was decided to place a psychiatric hospital in the fortified house in the village of Gaytyunishki, which still functions today.

Gaytyunishki attractions

Now it’s not so easy to get to the territory of the Nonhart estate, because there is a republican psychiatric hospital for people who have committed crimes in a state of mental disorder.


For admission, you will need to leave your data at the checkpoint. Also remember that Gaytyunishki are located in the border zone, you should not try to fly with a drone here.

A kilometer from the fortress house, almost in an arable field, you can see tomb ruins. More places of interest and sights of Belarus on the map.

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