Chapel-tomb in the village Gaytunishki, Voronovsky district, was built at the beginning of the 17th century by order of the then owner of the town Petra Nonhart. Located near the family fortress housesUnfortunately, only ruins can be seen today.

Ruins of the Lutheran church of Gaytyunishki

The ruins of the tomb in the village of Gaytyunishki

Probably this massive structure was originally built as a Calvin collection. In appearance, it is somewhat reminiscent of a defensive structure or a small fortress. In his architecture, he combined a stormy mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and early Baroque elements. The shape of the building is rectangular, measuring about 18 by 7 meters. In old photographs, walls reinforced with buttresses are visible.

The ruins of the tomb in the village of Gaytyunishki
1900 Source: NOVA electronic archive


During its long history, the tomb has become a resting place for representatives of several noble families: Khreptovichi, Shemety, Schretters, Puttkamers and, of course, the Nonharts.

Ruins of the Calvin collection in Gaytyunishki

How did the collection in Gaytyunishki look like?
1934, probable author of the photo: Jan Bulgak

The chapel managed to visit not only the Lutheran church, but also the church. In the middle of the 20th century, the tomb was badly damaged and has already reached us in the form of ruins in the middle of an arable field.

Tomb of the Nonharts in the village of Gaytyunishki

Old photo of Gaityushka from 1920
1920 year

Former church Gaytyunishki

If you drive from the agricultural town of Benyakoni, then the ruins of the tomb will be on the right. After turning to the psychiatric hospital a couple of minutes drive, below is the point on the map:

What else is interesting to see in this region? If you go along the road along the border, you will get to the village of Geraneni, where you can see castle of the Gashtolds и Nicholas Church of the 16th century.

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