Rakovskaya one of the oldest streets Minsk. Starts from Trading House "On Nemiga" and ends with a cutoff by the street Melnikaite. A small and cozy street seems to be hiding among the high-rise buildings of the busy center of the capital.

The historical street of Minsk - Rakovskaya, what is interesting to see?

Previously, the fabulous atmosphere was complemented by the aroma of freshly baked bread. However, now bakery №1 has already been partially rebuilt and will soon be replaced by various spaces and offices.

The building of the former bakery on Rakovskaya

The street got its name from the city of Rakovtowards which it is located. Together with the adjacent territory, it forms Rakovskoye Suburb.

ulica rakovskaia minsk

In 1937 the street was renamed Ostrovskaya, in honor of the Soviet writer. The original name of the street was returned only in 1993.

The historical street of Minsk - Rakovskaya, what is interesting to see?
Source: “Collection of memories of history and culture of Belarus. Minsk”

dom na rakovskoi

In pre-revolutionary times, there were many tenement houses. The quarter was densely built up and populated mainly by Minsk Jews. That is why the street was famous for workshops with skilled artisans, but there were few shops. So in this area there were several wallpaper factories: Epstein и Shifmanovich. Nothing has survived from the original appearance of Shifmanovich's enterprise, the building has been completely rebuilt. But the building of the former Epstein factory on the street Rakovskaya 30 looks almost the same as at the beginning of the century.

Pole's house, Epstein's factory Minsk

The place is also known as Pole's house.

Where was Ostrovskaya street in Minsk
Source: “Collection of memories of history and culture of Belarus. Minsk”

During the Great Patriotic War, the territory Rakovsky suburb was part of the Jewish ghetto. And in house number 7 there was supposedly a Gestapo office. During reconstruction of Nemiga street (1968-1977) some of the houses that survived the war were demolished. But in general Rakovskaya retained its original architecture.

Sights of Minsk street Rakovskaya

This is what attracts people here. Minsk and tourists from other cities. It's always nice to take a leisurely stroll here.

What to pay attention to when walking along Rakovskaya street?

House of Rubinstein, where the male parochial school of Minsk was located, at the address Rakovskaya 14.

Rubinstein's house on Rakovskaya street 14

rakovskaia minsk

The building was built in the middle of the 19th century. Today, as in the original project, the house is connected by a decorative arch to the neighboring building.

Rubinstein's house on Rakovskaya street 14
Source: “Collection of memories of history and culture of Belarus. Minsk”

On the street Rakovskaya 18 located shoe factory “Skorokhod”.

Rakovskaya street 18 in Minsk

В house number 24 was synagogue Salzmanbuilt in 1864. Repeatedly rebuilt, but the building has retained its original appearance.

ulica rakovskaia v minske

The first floor is distinguished by arched windows, the second - by classic rectangular ones. Another interesting architectural element, preserved from the beginning of construction, is a figured atik on the facade.

Salzman synagogue on Rakovskaya street 24 Minsk

The next place on Rakovskaya - Jewish wedding house, erected in the early 19th century.

dom swadeb rakovskai

At the beginning of the 20th century, a dance hall was opened here, and a little later a cinema. Today this building is at the final stage of reconstruction.

In the courtyard at Rakovskaya 16b there is an unusual five-story building. There is little information about it and it was probably already built in the middle of the 20th century, but the architecture fits into the general concept of the Rakovsky suburb.

House on Rakovskaya street 16b

Not far from Rakovskaya you can see Peter and Paul Cathedral и Church of the Virgin Mary.


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