One of the attractions of the city of Smorgon is Monument to Frantish Bogushevich (Franchishak Bagushevich), installed in the central park. The architectural sketch was developed in the early 90s, but it was only in 2009 that the project was realized in bronze. The sculpture of a thoughtful 4-meter tall Frantishek Bogushevich in national clothes reflects the hopes and ideas of the legendary poet of Belarus. At the base of the monument there is a tablet with lines from the preface to "Belarusian pipes":

“Don’t pack the language of our Belarusian, if you didn’t die ...”

Where is the monument to Francis Bogushevich

Monument to Francis Bogushevich in Smorgon

Why was this monument erected in Smorgon? The Smorgon region is essentially the Small Motherland of the Bogushevichs. Great-great-grandfather Francyshka bought a small farm Kushlyany back in 1749 (*a village near Smorgon, today there is a museum). It was there that Bogushevich spent his last years of his life: he built a house on his own, took care of the park and garden, and wrote a lot. It is curious that there is another reminder of the poet's life there - an old boulder, erected in 1900 with an inscription in Latin: "PAMIECI MACIEJA BURACZKA" (* Maciej Burachok is one of the pseudonyms).

Monument to Bogushevich in Smorgon

Frantisek Benedikt Kazimirovich was buried in the village of Zhuprany, where in 1958 a memorial bust was installed near Church of Saints Peter and Paul.

Memorial Bagushevich Francish

It will be easy to find this monument in Smorgon, from temple turn into the park and move to the reservoir, below is the point marked on the map:

If you are in these parts, I recommend going to Soly and looking at the beautiful Church of Our Lady of the Rosary.

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