There is interesting news from the Uzdensky district, where in the village of Pervomaisk (the historical place of Kukhtichi) the right wing of the former estates of the Zawisza family. The building is located on the territory of a local college, which is the initiator of the auction. Bidding will begin on December 27.12.2023, XNUMX with the price 39 150 rubles.

Outbuilding in the village of KukhtichiThe outbuilding is a building with an area of ​​210 m2, which was built in 1891 from brick and rubble stone. The architecture is a typical example of the classicism style, the main dominant feature is a four-column portico. The facade is decorated with a pilaster cornice, and the walls are cut with false columns.

The outbuilding hangs at the village of Pershamaisk

The land plot (0,195 hectares) on which the outbuilding stands is leased to the potential winner for 50 years. As with any object with the status of “historical heritage,” there are a number of restrictions on use. The place itself has enormous potential; next to the outbuilding there is a unique Calvin collection, in neighboring Uzda you can see pyramid-tomb those same Zawiszas.

Sale of the ancient estate Pervomaisk

Below is a point with the place where the outbuilding is located:

If you are in these parts, I also recommend going to Stankovo.

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