Manor Bokhvitsei - Fleryanovo

Village Fleryanovo located in the Lyakhovichi district, Brest region, a region of Belarus, especially rich in old estates. Main attraction - homestead Bokhvitsey, which is also called in some sources Florianovo. This beautiful name was given to this place by Jan Otton Bochwitz in honor of his father.

Manor Fleryanovo

Wooden homestead in the village of Fleryanovo erected in 1870. After some time, 2 brick buildings were completed. Of particular note is the pediment with neo-Gothic elements, which resonates strongly with the rest of the Bochvica estate.

Manor Bokhvitsei

Manor Bokhvitsei

The bricks for this part of the building were brought from Bobruisk, from the famous factory of Rosenberg and the Lozinsky brothers, as evidenced by stamping. By the way, the pediment of this manor is very reminiscent of another Bokhvitsey estate, which is located in Pavlinovo.

Fleryanovo estate wooden part

The Florianovo estate consisted of 19 rooms, including an extensive library. A linden alley led to the house with an entrance through a massive gate. In 1914, the Germans dismantled it and took it away.

Fleryanovo Library

Manor Bokhvitsei inside

The inside of the Bokhvitsey manor looked quite modest and without the attributes of luxury. This is probably due to the fact that the owner, Jan Otton, was a man of science, art, horticulture and agriculture. He invested in the development of his region, collected books, opposed serfdom and advocated freedom and education for peasants.

Manor in Fleryanovo

The Fleryanovsky estate gathered around itself a cultural society. They often come here Radziwills from Nesvizh, Reitans from Grushevkaand Eliza Ozheshkowho loved these places very much. On the territory of the complex there is even a memorial tree planted by Eliza herself.

Eliza Ozheshko Oak

In Soviet times, the Bokhvitsey estate was on the balance sheet of the local collective farm. At the end of the 20th century, the club of scientific and technical creativity of veterans began to function here. Now private individuals, Heinrich Tretyak and his wife, are engaged in the estate, who support and restore the old house to the best of their ability, and also conduct excursions for everyone.

Excursions Manor Bochvitsej

During the tour, you can learn a lot of interesting things about the Bochvitsey family, as well as see how the estate is arranged inside.

What does Bokhvitsei homestead look like?

What is interesting in the Bochvicey estate

A few more photos of the basement, which probably survived from the construction of the very first estate back in the early 19th century.

Photos of the estate Fleryanovo

Basement in Fleryanovo


Finding the estate is not difficult, see the mark on the map:

Literally 5 minutes from Fleryanovo there is another estate - Korenevshchina, as well as more sights of Belarus at our web site. 

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