List of films about epidemics and viruses - TOP 11

This collection has collected interesting films about infection, viruses and epidemics. Our TOP-11 includes well-known and not so well-known films, united by a common theme: virus infection, struggle and consequences. course in virus movies list movies like Resident Evil, Day of the Dead, and even The Walking Dead series could have been added. But you probably already know about them.

Contagion - Film Search 6,5

One of the most exemplary films about the spread of epidemics - Infection. In the movie, there is no emphasis on horror and intimidation, a dramatic line of fighting the infection is built here. During the coronavirus period, the film may be especially interesting to watch.

Epidemic (Outbreak) - movie search 7.0

Epidemic - a movie of 1995, which is still relevant today. The US military has brought the virus out somewhere in Africa, but they are losing control of the situation. The film shows the fight not only against infection, but also the opposition to silence.

Carriers - KP 6,1

A group of people are experiencing the height of a terrible epidemic in a car. They move from place to place, trying to avoid contact with other people. But such meetings cannot be avoided, and they end badly. 

World War Z (World War Z) - kinopoisk 7,0

I wanted to avoid the theme of zombies in our list of films about infection with viruses and epidemics, but alas, it didn’t work out. World War Z shows how fast the infection unfolds around the world. The protagonist is trying to save his family while helping to find a vaccine against the virus.

28 days later (28 Days Later) - 7,5 from film search

Aggressive virus infects most of the UK population in a matter of days. Most of the residents manage to evacuate, but some hide from the infected in an abandoned house, trying to understand “What is happening?”. 

Last love on earthPerfect Sense) - 7,6 CP

This movie fits perfectly into our list, though adjusted for the love line. Here, the disease is completely atypical: the infected are alternately deprived of human feelings.

Train to Busan (Busanhaeng) - movie search 7.0

A Korean film where the main characters encounter an epidemic while traveling by train to Busan. Well filmed and well made with plenty of violent scenes.

The Crazies - KP 6,5

A small American town is captured by an unknown virus with a high kill rate and a real madness begins that no one can stop.

Quarantine - rating from film search 6,3

The main character is a reporter, together with her assistant cameraman, goes to shoot material about the work of the fire brigade, but suddenly everything gets out of control and turns into quarantine.

fever (Cabin Fever - KP 6,0

This film made our list for only one reason: it shows the reaction of others to the infected well. The movie is more of an inexpensive horror movie with banal characters. By the way, there are 2 films: 2003 and 2016, which one to watch is up to you, the plot is the same.

Virus (The Flu) – PK 6,7

Another Korean film about infections. The plot is clear from the name, an unknown virus mows down the population of an entire country and threatens to become a global disaster.

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