Music and cinema often go hand in hand. Musicians have repeatedly become the heroes of various paintings, both biographical and artistic. This article has collected worthy movies about rock musicians.

Dirt / The Dirt - 2018 (movie search rating - 7,4)

Film "Dirty" is a biography with elements of an artistic digression about an American band Mötley Crüe. We will be shown the stages of formation and creation of the first team, ups and downs, problems inside and outside the team. Of course, there will be a lot of rock and drama, and in some places there will be enough funny and funny moments.

Films about rock musicians

Runaways / The Runaways - 2010 (CP - 7,2)

Surely you have heard about the American rock singer Joan Jett. Her successful career began in the late 70s, during the period when she was a member and creator of the group “The Runaways“. The film of the same name tells just about this group. The picture is bright and catchy, the main roles were played by Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning.

Films about rock musicians

Club "CBGB" / CBGB - 2013. (kinopoisk-7,3)

CBGB is a unique club-bar that existed in New York from 1973 to 2006. In addition to alcohol and rampant parties, he was known for giving a stage to hundreds of cult rock bands. In the cinema, we will be shown the history of this institution and those musicians who managed to perform there. If you were looking rock music movie, but have not watched CBGB yet, then correct yourself.

I'm not there / I'm Not There - 2007 (Kinopoisk - 7,1)

An unusual interpretation of the biography Bob Dylan. The film will show 6 stories telling about different periods of the life of the legendary performer. 6 different actors will show such a different, but always talented Dylan.

Films about rock musicians

Rock wave / The Boat That Rocked - 2009. (KP - 7,9)

The film “Rock Wave” is only indirectly about musicians, it is more about the formation of rock music on the radio and the struggle against stereotypes on the air. We will be shown a story about the DJs of a pirate station who broadcast from the ship. The film has plenty of jokes, drama and great music.

Films about rock musicians

Bohemian Rhapsody / Bohemian Rhapsody - 2018. (Kinopoisk - 8,0)

Honoring the group Queen, their music and outstanding vocalist Freddie Mercurywho defied stereotypes and defied convention to become one of the most loved artists on the planet. The film traces the band's dizzying path to success through their iconic songs and revolutionary sound. We'll see the band almost disintegrate as Mercury's lifestyle spirals out of control, and their triumphant reunion on the eve of the Live Aid concert, one of the greatest performances in the history of rock music.

Summer - 2018. (Rating from KP - 7,4)

I really wanted to include several Russian films in the list of films about rock musicians. No matter how you look at it, there was enough rock music in the CIS countries. Dozens of bands have left their mark on history, but I think many will agree that the Kino group has become the most iconic. The film “Summer” is a story about the very beginning of the creative path of Viktor Tsoi, his formation and immersion in the St. Petersburg party (then still in Leningrad).

Films about rock musicians

Doors / The Doors - 1991. (KP - 7,7)

One of the classic biopics about bands is “Doors“. In the frame, the story of the cult group "The Doors", made with great emphasis on the vocalist and songwriter - Jim Morrison.

Films about rock musicians

A Star Is Born / A Star Is Born - 2018 (film search - 7,3)

TOP movies about rock music and musicians it may not be entirely appropriate to include this picture, but why not? Country musician Jackson Maine, whose career is rapidly going downhill, one day he meets an unknown talented singer Ellie. A passionate romance breaks out between the characters. Jack helps Ellie succeed. But the more rapidly Ellie's musical career is gaining momentum, the more difficult it is for him to put up with his fading fame.

Lords of Chaos / Lords of Chaos - 2018 (CP - 6,6)

The film takes us to Norway the end of the 80s, when the direction of Norwegian black metal was born. The main character in the picture is the leader and creator of the group Mayhem. We will be shown his story, as well as the infamous conflict with a friend and bandmate - Varg Vikernes.

Films about rock musicians

Ray / Ray - 2004. (kinopoisk rating - 8,0)

Dramatic picture "Ray” tells about the life and work of the great musician and performer Ray Charles. The film is biographical, complex and very inspiring. And if you are a connoisseur and lover of soul and rhythm and blues, then this is a must-see for you.

Control / Control - 2007 (KP - 7,8)

The film “Control” is a biopic about the life of Ian Curtis, the leader of the group Joy Division, . The film was made in BW, although it was originally filmed in color. The picture shows the last years of Ian's life, the struggle with illnesses, problems in the family and, of course, creativity.

Films about rock musicians

Yesterday - 2019. (KP - 6,9)

An interesting film and a kind of ode to the legendary The Beatles. The picture is purely artistic and even with elements of fantasy, but there is a lot of cult British rock in it. The protagonist is a musician who tries to catch his note, but he still fails. Exactly until the moment when the whole world forgets that there were Beatles songs. The movie is easy to watch, it causes pleasant nostalgia and brings up an old theme - all the best has long been done and written.

Killing Bono / Killing Bono - 2010 (KP - 7,1)

And perhaps it's time to add some films about rock musicians with a touch of comedy. Film strip "Kill Bono” tells about the two brothers McCormick, who decided to become famous for their rock hits. And everything would have worked out for them, but that's not the task, classmates gathered their own group - U2. How can you compete with future legends? The answer can be found in the title.

Films about rock musicians

School of Rock / The School of Rock - 2007. (KP - 7,2)

A comedy in which there is no biography and drama, but there is enough rock and drive. Therefore, if you are not ready to watch heavy films, then watch the School of Rock. The main character is an experienced musician, but his dashing concert years have come to an end, there are no prospects for money either. By chance, he gets a job at a school as a music teacher, where he has a chance to improve his position.

movies about rock music and musicians

Almost famous / Almost Famous - 2000 (Kinopoisk - 7,6)

And we will end with a film about a simple American guy who gets into the maelstrom of rock and roll, moonlighting as a correspondent for Rolling Stone magazine. Through the lens of a young man's journalism, we'll see the backstage of '70s rock.

movies about rock music and musicians

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