Do you remember how long ago you chose a film of Belarusian cinema for home viewing or while going to the cinema? Just right to recall the best Belarusian films of the Belarusian film studio Belarusfilm, which solemnly opened its doors after a long 10-year reconstruction.

Many Belarusian films are undeservedly left out of the audience. The films of the film studio "Belarusfilm", created jointly with foreign film studios, can also be noted.

"Brest Fortress"

Year: 2010

Country Russia, Belarus

Director: Alexander Kott

The film tells about the tragic times of the Second World War, about the heroic defense actions of 1941 in Brest Fortress. The film conveys in detail all the events taking place in the main centers of resistance of the fortress. One of the main goals of the film was the authenticity of the transmission of historical events, for which P. Bondarev, one of the last eyewitnesses, and most importantly, the defenders of the Brest Fortress, was involved as an adviser.

After viewing, the words from the film cut into my memory, saying a lot: “I am a fortress. I am a fortress. I'm fighting, I'm on the defensive. Waiting for reinforcements…”

"In August 44th"

Year: 2001

Country: Russia, Belarus

Producer: Mikhail Ptashuk

The film adaptation of V. Bogomolov's novel is considered one of the best films in Russian cinema, which tells about the hard work of counterintelligence officers during the war. The film reveals many scenes showing the struggle on the verge of the impossible, perseverance and heroism. "In August 44" became successful not only due to the detailed display of the storyline, but also due to the strong cast: Evgeny Mironov, Vladislav Galkin, Yuri Kolokolnikov played the main roles in the film.

"White Dew"

Year: 1983

Country: USSR

Director: Igor Dobrolyubov

Perhaps this is one of the favorite films among viewers who came from the Soviet Union. At first glance, a simple and unremarkable film, carries a deep meaning, tells about the life of the people and family values. The plot is dynamic, with a large share of good humor and lyrics. From the first scenes, the film draws in and plunges the viewer into village life, so kind, ordinary and at the same time bright. "White Dew" is recommended for family viewing.

"People in the swamp"

Year: 1981

Country: USSR

Director: Viktor Turov

The dramatic film is based on Ivan Melezh's novel "People in the Swamp" about the formation of Soviet power in Polissya. The film can truly be called national, Belarusian, as in speech they used a dialect that was established in that area, which made the picture more natural. The film tells about the life of peasants who sought to find a way to a new and better life in the current conditions. An important component of the film was the musical sequence: folk songs bring a particle of spirituality and sensuality.

"The Adventures of Pinocchio"

Year: 1975

Country: USSR

Director: Leonid Nechaev

A film about a wooden boy that has earned universal love among both children and adults. The film is instructive and funny, it shows an unusual presentation of scenes, brilliance and dynamics, which children especially like. Each character is unique: the mischievous Pinocchio, the beautiful Malvina, the sad Pierrot, the villain Karabas Barabas, the cunning Alice and the cat Basilio. This bright fairy tale was disassembled into quotes that can be heard in everyday communication today.

"Svezhina with fireworks"

Year: 2001

Country: Belarus

Director: Ivan Pavlov

A comedy film, the plot of which takes place in a Belarusian village on Christmas Eve. Scenes that tell about the everyday life of the inhabitants of the village are saturated with good humor, which makes the picture easy to understand. The picture does not carry a deep meaning, however, watching the movie will be a pleasant pastime with the family.

"Go and see"

Year: 1985.

Director: Elem Klimov

Genre: Drama, War.

Cast: Alexey Kravchenko, Olga Mironova, Lubomiras Laucevičius, Vladas Bagdonas, Juri Lumiste, Victor Lorenz, Kazimir Rabetsky, Evgeny Tilicheev, Alexander Berda and others.

The picture is based on documentary facts and was created based on the "Khatyn story" by Adamovich.

The main character of the film was Fleur, a sixteen-year-old boy who dug out a carbine among scraps of barbed wire, rusty machine-gun belts and shot through helmets. With this weapon, he goes to the partisans. Throughout the film, the audience sees the development of Flair's personality. In the beginning, he is just a child. In the end, having gone through the horror of the punitive actions of the Nazis, he becomes an adult, frighteningly adult, and even old. The war has distorted the once tender, childish features and turned them into senile wrinkles.

"Dagger", "Bronze Bird", "The Last Summer of Childhood"

The list «Лlearnе Belarusianе films " it is impossible not to include a three-part television feature film based on the works of Anatoly Rybakov.

Year: 1973-1975.

Director: Nikolai Kalinin ("Dagger", "Bronze Bird"), Valery Rubinchik ("The Last Summer of Childhood")

Genre: Adventure, Family, History.

Cast: Sergei Shevkunenko

Vladimir Dichkovsky, Zoya Fedorova, Emmanuil Vitorgan, Viktor Sergachev, Natalya Chemodurova, Mikhail Golubovich, Eduard Goryachiy, Gediminas Karka, Leonid Kmit, Viktor Chekmarev, Nikolai Kuzmin, Augustin Milovanov, Nikolai Kryukov, Lilia Gurova and others.

The main characters - friends Mishka, Genka and Slava solve mysteries throughout the films, look for treasures and punish the villains.

"Alpine ballad"

Year: 1965.

Director: Boris Stepanov.

Genre: Drama, War.

Cast: Lyubov Rumyantseva, Stanislav Lyubshin, Alexei Kotrelev, Vladimir Belokurov, Antonina Bendova, Yuri Yurchenko, Gennady Vasilevsky, Vyacheslav Kubarev and others.

The film is based on the story of the same name by Vasil Bykov.

The Great Patriotic War. A plant in the Alps where prisoners of war work is bombarded at night. Taking advantage of this circumstance, five prisoners escape. Among them is a Russian soldier. Only he manages to go to the mountains. In the mountains, Ivan meets an Italian girl, Julia, who also escaped from captivity.

"Do not leave…"

Year: 1989.

Director: Leonid Nechaev.

Genre: Musical, Comedy, Family.

Cast: Vyacheslav Innocent, Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina, Varvara Vladimirova, Igor Krasavin, Svetlana Selezneva, Regina Razuma, Albert Filozov, Artem Tynkasov, Elena Antonova, Vladimir Stavitsky and others.

As a result of the conspiracy, the former king and queen died on a hunt and a horse lover and a stupid martinet appeared on the throne, and the country was ruled by an insidious chancellor with his wife. Hard times have come in the country: art is in disgrace, prisons are full, traders and dullness are flourishing.

The king and queen have a daughter - the kind, but greatly spoiled princess Albina, with whom the noble mute poet Patrick, the queen's pupil, is in love. A chest of wandering musicians enters the castle, where a maid finds a magical blue rose, forcing everyone to tell the truth... Secrets come out that were forbidden to be spoken about for 16 years on pain of death...

You can get acquainted with the history of the creation of Belarusian cinema at the Museum of the History of Belarusian Cinema. In the meantime, we are waiting for new films from the film studio "Belarusfilm" and watching the best Belarusian films that we love so much!