Old City Novogrudok rich not only in Attraction, but also for interesting events, including cinematic ones. The city has repeatedly become a film set for a variety of films, one of which “Pani Maria”, published in 1979. It is from this film that I have collected interesting footage for you in which you can see Novogrudok as it was 45 years ago.

Novogrudok in cinema

Old movie Pana Maria

According to the plot of the film, the action takes place in 1944, and one of the main locations is the house of a local girl, located near the legendary Castle Hill (the house has not survived).

Old footage of Novogrudok
wooden house where the main character of the film Maria Zubritskaya lives

It is not at all surprising that in “Pani Maria” there are enough angles with the ruins of the castle, Farny Church, as well as the central part of Novogrudok.

Belarus in cinema
Boris and Gleb Church in the background
Old footage of Novogrudok
center of Novogrudok
What Novogrudok looked like 50 years ago
Ancient Catholic Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord

On the other hand, the “cinematic” Novogrudok has not changed much, but there is something to note. So, for example, in the film you can see the ruins of the Kostelnaya Tower even without the controversial reconstruction.

Footage of Novogrudok in the 1979 film Pani Maria

Stills from Navagrudok in the 1979 film Mrs. Mary

There is enough footage of the old ordinary buildings, which will radically change over time.

Stills from Navagrudok in the 1979 film Mrs. Mary

Footage of Novogrudok in the 1979 film Pani Maria

At the end of the film “Pana Maria” another landmark of Belarus appears - Mir castle. In the 80s, they had not even thought about restoring the castle, so massive ruins appear before us.

Sights of Belarus in cinema
Mirsky Castle – still from the movie “Mrs. Mary”

I also recommend looking at the footage of Minsk from movie “Through the Cemetery” 1964 and look at the city of Ivye in 1982 film “Alien Father”.

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