Pied Flycatcher (Ficedula hypoleuca) is a small bird of the flycatcher family, from the order Passeriformes. In the territory Belarus birch tree (this name is used less frequently) is widespread everywhere.

Bird Pied Flycatcher

The flycatcher has a rather interesting appearance. Males in breeding plumage have black (brown) plumage with white spots on the forehead, wings and sides. Females and young birds are more modestly colored: their upper parts are brown-gray, and their underparts are lighter, whitish-gray. Females may have a pinkish tint on the chest.

Valasyanitsa variegated Belarus

The size of the bird is modest, comparable to an ordinary sparrow. The body length is about 12,5–13,5 centimeters, the wingspan is 21–24, and it weighs about 11–20 grams. The beak is short, sharp, slightly curved down. The eyes are dark and small.

Pied Flycatcher

The main food is insects and their larvae, spiders. Catches prey in the air or sitting on branches. The pied flycatcher can easily be found in forests, city parks, and gardens. Prefers old deciduous and mixed forests with open clearings.

What does a Pied Flycatcher look like?

The flycatcher is a very mobile and active bird; during the nesting period, the male aggressively drives other males away from his territory. The nest is usually made in tree hollows or in special birdhouses. A clutch can contain from 4 to 10 eggs.

Valasyanitsa spotted bird

The population of this bird is generally stable, although in some regions there is a decrease in numbers due to changes in the natural environment, cutting down of old forests and the use of pesticides in agriculture.


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