Nesvizh Church - built at the end of the 16th century and belongs to the first temples in the early baroque architecture of the Commonwealth. Farny Church in Nesvizh perhaps one of the most unique architectural monuments on territory of Belarus. In recent years, it has been actively restored and changes its appearance, but retains its tourist attraction.

Farny Church in Nesvizh Belarus

Construction history and important dates

The architect of the temple is a talented Italian Bernardoni, which invited host Nesvizh lands Radziwill Orphan in 1584. The building was modeled temple complex Il Gesu in Romebuilt by architects Vignola and Porto. The invited architect did not have time to complete the work on the Farny Church. The final touches (at least the dome of the temple) were carried out under the supervision of Giuseppe Brisiostudent of Giovanni Bernardoni.

Farny Church in Nesvizh

The church was a whole temple complex, part of which was the collegium of the Jesuits (existed until 1826, later abolished).

Churches of Belarus

The former home of the Jesuits is cross-domed basilica with three naves. On the sides of the apse are two-story sacristy. The main front part with the Latin saying “I will worship Your holy house in Your fear” ends with a triangular pediment. In the recesses of the niches, one can observe sculptural images of saints.

farny church in Nesvizh

kostel iezuitov

The interior component is distinguished by the splendor of the decorated parts, decorated with frescoes by the dome, vaults. Altar, painter Dominic Hessky, decorated with a composition “Last Supper”. Experts have identified more than forty works in the entire temple painting. The majestic organ is located above the main entrance to the church; frescoes with saints are also located there.

farny church in Nesvizh
photo of the middle of the 20th century, (Jan Bulgak)

Castle tower in Nesvizh

Farny Church in Nesvizh also became the tomb of the family Radziwillov. V underground premises laid to rest embalmed remains of a noble family (more than 70 coffins). The considered tomb is recognized as the only Eastern European necropolis comparable to Habsburg crypt and Madrid castle Escorial.

Nesvizh Church

Next to the church God's Body one of the most famous sights of Belarus is located - Palace of the Radziwills. It will also be interesting to visit the oldest Town Hall on Soviet street and Slutsk Brama.

The church is located on Mickiewicz street in the city of Nesvizh, see the mark on the map:

There are several interesting places in this region that I recommend to see. Literally 3 kilometers from Nesvizh, an interesting complex has been preserved manor complex Alba.

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7 years ago

The church, although small, impresses with its frescoes inside.