In recent years, many animated series designed for an adult audience have been released. Even on our site there were already 2 large collections: First part и second. Now the world's studios are paying special attention to the film adaptation of various games, in confirmation of a smallcollection of fresh fantasy animated series.

DOTA: Dragon's Blood

launch: 2021 year; CP rating: 7,1

3 good fantasy animated series

The series in the universe the legendary game Dota already out 2 Season over a fairly short period. Tell the plot of this animated series from Netflix it will be hard. There are many heroes here: the dragon slayer, the princess, the runaway elf, the gods, the people, the dragons themselves, and for sure I missed someone. The story constantly jumps from one character to another, but after a while it becomes simpler and gets sucked into the essence. Series DOTA: Dragon's Blood, will appeal to fans of the fantasy genre, and will also be of interest to fans of the game.


launch: 2021 year; CP rating: 8,8

Another animated picture from Netflix based on a computer game League of Legends.

3 good fantasy animated series

Arcane turned out bright and exciting attention from the first seconds. In a fantasy world, we have to watch the story of two sisters who were separated by tragic events. Separately, it is worth noting the graphics and animation - the series looks interesting and unusual. The contrast of locations and meticulous attention to detail enhance the positive effect of watching Arcane.

Legend of Vox Machina

launch: 2022 year; CP rating: 8,3

Not only Netflix releases animated series. An interesting project was released on the streaming platform Amazon. TV series "The Legend of Vox Machina” is a visual interpretation of the American podcast Critical Role, where professional voice actors play complex role-playing board games.

3 good fantasy animated series

As a result, the animated series turned out somewhere comical and parodic, and somewhere quite serious and emotional. The main characters (there are many of them here) are a motley team of mercenaries, including an elf, a human, 2 dwarves and 2 half-elves, a troll and a bear. They have to fight various monsters and carry out assignments, just like in the game. There is a lot of black humor and tollerate references here, but it's interesting to watch.

And if you want something more classic and tube, then here is a selection modern puppet cartoons.

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