The capital of Belarus is the largest city in the country. Minsk is just beginning to develop in the tourist direction, gradually moving away from the Soviet past. But still, there are many things reminiscent of the socialist history in the city. Take, at least monuments to Lenin: in the city there are about one and a half dozen busts and monuments to the leader of the October Revolution. This, no doubt, can attract a foreign tourist, but he will be much more interested in some interesting facts about Minskthat will surprise even Belarusians.

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1. "Who killed Kennedy?"

In 1963, the public was shocked by the news of the assassination of the President USA John F. Kennedy. As it will be proved later, the killer plotted the assassination for a long time, acted alone and very cold-bloodedly. Few people know that Lee Harvey Oswald from 1960 to 1962 he lived in the very center of Minsk. On the current Communist street, which is near Victory Square.

During this time, the future killer of the president managed to marry a Minsker named Marina. Get a job at a radio factory, fall in love with the city and the socialist way of life. True, Oswald only lasted two years. Life in Minsk quickly bored him (after all, there was not even a bowling club there!). He soon returned to America, taking his wife and small child with him. A year later, Kennedy is assassinated. When Oswald was calculated, he was threatened with the longest term under US law. But Lee Harvey did not have time to live before the trial: he was shot dead by the owner of a nightclub, Jack Ruby.

2. About gender reassignment

Whatever Soviet country Belarus may seem to foreigners, if you dig deeper, it is no different from European countries. Including tolerance. Yes, it is not customary to talk openly about your sexual preferences here. But still, people, albeit in small quantities, start same-sex relationships and even officially marry.

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True, in other countries where it is allowed. Including there are daredevils who change gender. In Minsk, an average gender reassignment operation is performed annually 4 person. To do this, they must obtain special permission from the commission, after substantiating their decision.

3. The main street of the capital

Independence Avenue - not only one of the most important streets in Minsk, but also one of the longest in all of Europe.


For comparison: the length of the avenue is 15 and a half kilometers, while Avinguda Diagonal in Barcelona – 11,8 km. Longer than the Minsk Independence Avenue only Kharkov - Moskovsky Avenue. Its length is 18 km, and Sofiyskaya street in Petersburg - as much as 59 km!

4. Burning city

A British architect once said that old town in Minsk - one of the newest in all of Europe. Really, Trinity Suburb looks too renovated compared to the same old town Warsaw or Vilnius.

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But few people know that in its entire history Minsk burned to the ground as many as 18 times! The capital of Belarus suffered special losses after World War II. The city was destroyed by almost 80 percent! And only with the help of inexhaustible desire and incredible work of people, Minsk regained its face in the shortest possible time.

5. Is Minsk the jazz capital of the USSR?

Jazz fans are sure to have idols Eddie Rosner - a German Jew born in Berlin at the beginning of the XNUMXth century. This great jazz musician, conductor, trumpeter and violinist, as well as composer lived in Minsk during the Second World War, fleeing the Holocaust. He actively performed in the military city, accustoming Soviet people to jazz. After the war, jazz music was considered anti-Soviet, promoting Western ideals, and Rosner was exiled to Soviet camps. True, later his contribution to the development of Soviet culture was recognized and awarded the title Honored Artist of the BSSR.


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