One of the most beautiful birds Belarus, which is quite easy to see in the natural environment, - black-headed goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis). These birds are active and often move in small flocks, they are found both in city parks and in fields.

Black-headed goldfinch photo and description

Females and males do not differ much in appearance and are difficult to distinguish. The black-headed goldfinch has a modest size, a little more than 12-13 centimeters, bright plumage: near the beak there is a red edging, a black cap on the crown, white cheeks, a body with a brown tint, and a yellow stripe on the wings.

Shchygol chornagalovy

The main diet of the common goldfinch is small insects and various seeds; you can often catch this bird eating dandelions.

What is a goldfinch bird?

In Belarus, the bird is considered migratory and, with the onset of autumn, moves traps to Europe, but in some places it stays for the winter with us.

Goldfinch photo and description

Goldfinches are considered a symbol of happiness, virtue and love. The bird is also associated with Christian stories and legends, there is even an explanation where the goldfinch has a red spot on its head (the blood of Christ).

One of the most famous works of Karel Fabricius - "Goldfinch", was written in the middle of the 17th century. As you understand, Carduelis carduelis is depicted on it. This painting became the inspiration for the American writer Donna Louise Tartt, and her novel of the same name was even awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2014. Here is such an inspiring black-headed goldfinch.

european goldfinch


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