Photo from balot Yelnya have become more and more popular on Instagram and other social networks: more and more Belarusians are hiding for themselves this destination, and not blaming the charisma of these regions that are not magical. Ale Yelnya can show off not only the beauty of the landscape!

Tourist infrastructure on Yelnya is on the rise: here adramantaval and zrabel dazheyshay ekastsyazhyna, ruled the training and certification for guides, hutka ўstalyuyuts dzve 10-meter observation towers. Usho geta ў mezhah project "Razam for community and nature: Miyorsky district”, yakі realizuetssa Miyorsky rayvykankams, hramadskaya arganizatsyy (APB) and the Latvian rural forums for financial support of the Padtrymians of the European Union.

The Enchanting Light of Yelnya: 7 Facts about the Signs of Balot
photo: Oleksandr Vincheўsky (APB)

apb sabrala for you 7 funny facts the most vehement balota of Belarus.

Nahnyaytsesya on an unforgettable vandroka!

  1. Balota Square - amal yak Minsk. Itself yano - bytsam pagorak: syaredzina ўzdymaetstsa over the edge on 7 meters! From Yelnya, there are some small rechaks, and ў the ball itself does not fall.
  2. On the Yelnya Baloca 118 azer. Their water is soft and so pure that you can drink. On many azyars, scattered fractional astravas and pines, yana are the visiting card of Elny and many people know on photo smokes. Ale nashmat is more captivating than ubachyts іkh on a pile of vocha.
  3. Yelnya familiar to you cranes, yakіya here is not only nesting, but and thousands of people pick up autumn migrants, kab pakarmizza on navakol pals, but nachuyutsya on Yelnya. It is not for nothing that this balota atrymala has the status of a terytory, important for the bird, of international significance. The key species for getai terrytori are not only the shera cranes, but also our most vyalіkіya kulenki, which grow like a kalena chalavek: vyalіkі grytsuk and vyalіki kulen.
Heading for the evening: we drive zdzіўlyatstsa ў Miyorsky district
photo: Tatyana Aleshka (APB)

4. Yelnya mae dachshund status key batanіchnaya terytoryі. There are 13 rare species of sprawl growing here, with a dwarf birch and maroshka in your face. Mustache, badai, know that Yelnya is a balota-rackardsman on the ring of cranes Belarus. Ale namnogіya know that not only the extraordinary balotny cranes grow here, but also the wild-fruited cranes, included in the Black Book of Belarus. Drabnaplodnya is only on the oldest balots of Belarus.

5. A lot of marathons scatter a drape race and, kali jump to Yelnya, zdzіўlyayutstsa ya fractional chamber. There are two types of race on the Yelnya race: round-shaped, what kind of Belarusian yashche is called a zagardushka tsі God's race, and Dazhgalistaya, or the English race. The connection of the name with the race is not a fallout: the dragging droplets of the sticky “race” of the race look like a monster of insects.

6. Layer peat on Yelnya dasyagae 7-9 meters! From the streets of this, that in a year the layer grows by 1 mm, it is possible to fall, that the amount of feces is 9000 reptiles. Halogen peatlands on Yelnya - sphagnum moss. Karaneў at іх nyama - kali take out the moss from the waters and then pack back, yon pratsyagne rastsі. The lower part of the moss pakryse admirae i peraўtvaraetstsa ў peat.

7. On the Yelnya manual escaping with dravelnyy nascіlam, with some kind of sheltering tsudoўny kraividy, ale pragula on the balocs is possible and ў balotatsupah. Such a shepherd akazvae DPU “Yelnya”. Nowhere in Belarus there are so many meat guides, like in the Mersky district! Here you can see excursions with the most diverse features: quests and quests, yogai and honey, picking yagads, “balot SPA”, fishing.

ecotrail yelnya
photo: Oleksandr Vincheўsky (APB)

- Navat tykh, who feel great Yelnya a million times, and then I’m apynuўs there, I’m arranging meetings, - each specialist of the APB for the development of tourism Sergey Rezaў. - The tourists and the children of our balotian Valanzerian summer camps are with us, which hit them the most on Yelnya, and we got the top. There is a lot of primal adchula, like an ashmural smell of bagun and like springing sphagnum falls on the ground, waning, dze and like growing cranes, like non-apical colors of veras, like a small nasamrech drapeful race of eyes, on how much dawn. Yashche is not a sustraka chalaveka, from whom the getae balota would not call out a capture.

ecotrail yelnya
photo: Oleksandr Vincheўsky (APB)

You need to know!

  • Remember what's on the ball nelga raspalvatsya fire and the finger of tsygarety - peat is lightly tanned.
  • Don't call on Balota on automobile, don't pack smets And don't pick a bouquet from baloty raslins.
  • Raim get along with your camera and binoculars, appranuzza ў comfortable non-pramakalny adzen, take a breather and sigh.
  • Kali shanuesh prirodu - vazmi, kali weasel, teddy bear, kab sabrate for abyakavy suaichynnіkamі.

Shoulder ready? Forward - zdzіўlyatstsa Yelnya!

The Enchanting Light of Yelnya: 7 Facts about the Signs of Balot

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