One of the most visited cities on the west coast USA is San Francisco. A unique city of freedom and hippies, love and programmers, artists and democrats. This Californian center has a lot to offer. In this article, we will show you what unusual trips to san francisco worth to visit.

Excursions in San Francisco in Russian

There will be a large selection both in Russian and in English (after all, this is America). 

Classic - sightseeing tour of the city. What will help to be easier and more pleasant than the stories of the locals? See the iconic Mission, Castro and Haight Ashbury neighborhoods. Stroll along the Fisherman's Wharf and listen to stories about Pier 39. This place attracts tourists with its seafood restaurants and picturesque views from the waterfront. Here you can see fur seals very close. Not far from the pier is a popular candy store.

San Francisco different from most American cities. It is considered one of the most expensive and liberal. Why did it happen? Check with local guides.

If you are interested in traveling to National parks, there are many interesting options. As well as expensive individual with a Russian guide, and more affordable charters. Here's what they said about Yosemite Park here.

What else will be interesting to explore in the city? The capital of programmers and startups - be sure to go to Silicon Valley. For connoisseurs of nature - hiking in the mountains.

San Francisco is a popular city in America. Visitors love it for the incredible smell of the sea and the peculiar weather. There are a large number of small streets and stunning picturesque hills. Also in San Francisco you can use public transport around the clock. With a short stay in this incredible city, you should definitely visit the most interesting and unique places in the city.

Bridge called "Golden Gate"is included in the list of the most unusual in the world. Every visitor to San Francisco definitely finds time to see this powerful building up close.

A great option to see the bridge from the water at sunset. The cost of such an excursion starts from $ 65, and the reviews are only positive. And if you are limited in time and do not want to wait for sunset, then take a regular cruise along the coast, it costs $48.

Alcatraz - This is an island-prison, in which Al Capone once served time. You can explore this gloomy place on your own by getting there by ferry and paying a small amount at the entrance.

In addition to the usual excursions to the island, which are sold at the pier, there are more interesting options. For example, a combined ticket to visit the Alcatraz prison and the Aquarium. Or a helicopter tour + visits to Alcatraz.

Chinatown and Little Italy in San Francisco. Tourists love these places for delicious Chinese cuisine, and the opportunity to purchase anything. If you want to feel not only in America, but also, for example, in Italy, you should definitely look into the Italian quarter. This is a very cozy and atmospheric place in San Francisco. Chinatown Walking Tour and Italian District Tour. The cost is about $ 60, the review is exceptionally good.

If you're looking for something out of the ordinary in San Francisco, consider the Cable Car option. These are small trams that are very popular among tourists. True, it is very difficult to ride them, because of the large number of people.

If you have the opportunity to stay in America longer, you should definitely use car rental. So you can get to the national parks on your own.

When traveling to America, be sure to take care of medical insurance. It is very expensive to get sick in this country if there is no insurance. You can spend a very impressive amount even for a very simple procedure.

Sockets in America are completely different than in European countries. Before the trip, you must definitely take care of the adapters, since buying on the spot will be much more expensive.


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