Excursions around New York in Russian. Options, prices, reviews.

Going to one of the most touristic cities USA, make a plan of entertainment in advance. The city is big and noisy, there is always something to do here. We have written a lot about the Big Apple. Interesting data, Museums, Movies. Now let's touch tours of New York in Russian. We have compiled a list of options for you with ratings, prices and reviews.

Here there are offers for any tourist. So Interesting tours in New York:

A few more classics in New York with high ratings.

View the city from the height of skyscrapers. How without it? The best excursion of such a plan according to the Treeadviser rating is here. Costs around $40

A trip to the symbol of the city. Visiting the Statue of Liberty. Tickets - here, price 47$.

Visiting a Broadway musical is a must! If you've never been, start with the classics. For example Phantom of the Opera, bright The Lion King, Chicago or Jersey Boys.

Interesting tours in New York

Let's add one more walk to the list of interesting excursions in New York. Have you heard of Chinatown and Little Italy? They are worth seeing with an experienced guide. Starts for just $35. Description and tickets here.

For convenience, another selection of excursions in Russian:

I hope you have chosen the option for yourself. Useful websites and apps for travelers see here.


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