Excursions in Ho Chi Minh City in Russian

Ho Chi Minh City - The largest city Vietnam with a rich and interesting history. The city has top attractions that you can easily see on your own. Saigon does not cause banal prejudices in the head, since it is difficult to predict what an experienced tourist can expect from these parts. However, if you want to feel the spirit of Saigon, then here is a selection for you Excursions in Ho Chi Minh City with a Russian speaking guide.

These sightseeing tours are held in Russian, watch the guide program carefully and read the reviews. Also popular and in demand are visiting ones, among which are in demand: Mekong Delta и Guerrilla Tunnels of Cuchi.

There are also quite rare offers of excursions:

Highly recommended for a solo visit. war victims museum in saigon. The place leaves deep emotions and impressions, plus the ticket price is extremely low, about $2.

saigon war victims museum

And another collection excursions in Ho Chi Minh City in Russian with a large selection of individual tours:

An excellent bird's-eye view of the metropolis explains the reason for such a massive transformation of the upper floors into places for recreation and entertainment. There are many popular skybars in the city. One of the most popular among tourists is the observation deck bar located on the 49th floor. bitexo towers. Opened in 2011 at an altitude of 178 meters, Saigon Skydeck attracts crowds of tourists at any time of the year. A telescope is installed at the observation point, which allows you to view distant objects from a height.

Coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh City are found on every corner. The owners are trying to creatively approach the interior design, so each cafe pleases the eye with an interesting design. Vietnamese coffee is brewed using a special technology, brewed in a special filter, which gives it an unusual taste.

In Saigon, you should forget about the rules of the road you learned at home, as there is a different understanding of safety here.

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