Fascinating excursions in Hanoi in Russian and a little English

We continue to collect useful Vietnam tourist information. This article will include a selection of: excursions in the city of Hanoi in Russian. What is worth seeing with a guide, and what can you do on your own? You can easily walk around almost all the sights of the capital in the tourist part. But those places to which the road takes several hours, it makes sense to visit as part of a tour group. So for example Halong bay, about which they wrote in detail, is cheaper and easier to see during the tour.

But if you are planning to spend in the capital of Vietnam only a day or two, a good sightseeing tour from a local guide will come in handy.

You will be told the story in detail. green water lake, the culture of the country and the city, as well as the peculiarities of life.

A large selection of different options for excursions below. Among which there are both in Russian and English. 

Useful Information – Hanoi Airport – noibai 


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