Egypt travel tips for a comfortable stay

Hot Egypt remains one of the most popular travel destinations for tourists from the CIS countries. Inexperienced guests of the country can get themselves in trouble if they do not get acquainted with all the nuances of the rest in advance. Gathered tips for vacationers in Egypt:

1. Locals are friendly to tourists, if they do not violate traditions and behave with dignity. However, they will not offer their help for free. Therefore, if a local resident approaches you and offers his services, consider whether you can pay him.

2. During Ramadan, do not eat or drink on the street, especially do not drink alcoholic beverages. If you do not heed this advice and decide to drink a bottle of beer on the street, get ready for the fact that you can easily be taken to the police for disrespecting local laws and customs.

3. Being late in Egypt is the norm. A local resident can come in the evening to a meeting that was scheduled in the morning. Do not be offended by such behavior, these are features of the mentality.

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4. Female representatives are not allowed to sunbathe topless, that is, without the top of a swimsuit. For non-compliance with this rule, they can be taken to the police.

5. Women need to behave decently and modestly. Do not let the interlocutor stroke your bare hand and do not smile back at him, because here such behavior is perceived as encouraging his actions and attempts to make acquaintances. The Egyptian will immediately think that you agree to more. When you try to brazenly stick to you, start screaming and swearing, attracting the attention of passers-by. If an Egyptian invites you to visit, be sure to take a man with you as a brother.

6. In Egypt, hookah is popular. It is allowed to smoke in all places where it is offered. It is not considered a drug and is not harmful to health, according to local residents. All Egyptians treat each other like brothers, so while smoking they pass the mouthpiece to a neighbor without thinking about any infections.

7. You can move around the city without a passport, but you should take it with you on a tour. Jewelry made of precious metals is best left at home. In Egypt, you will not surprise anyone with gold and silver, but you can easily lose expensive things.

8. Not all hotels are safe to leave valuables in common safes, it is better to have a personal one. If this is not the case, you will have to hide personal items in the room. Put them somewhere a thief wouldn't think to look, like in a bag of dirty laundry or in a box of tampons. If you have to leave a large valuable item in the room, such as a video camera, do it in full view of one of the staff. If it disappears, you can safely point to it. Then he will do everything to find the real criminal and remove suspicion from himself.

9. In Egypt, there are big problems with the observance of hygiene standards. Under no circumstances should you drink tap water. It is not purified, therefore it is saturated with various kinds of microbes. For the same reason, you should not buy drinks on the street, since tap water is used to create them. Buy bottled water.

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10. Do not risk your health and do not swim in the Nile, because the water in the river is insanely dirty! Also, you can not walk barefoot along its banks or just lie on the sand, without bedding.

11. Be sure to take a first aid kit with essential medicines, especially paying attention to poisoning agents. Also put painkillers, antipyretics, anti-motion sickness drugs, a bandage, a band-aid, eye drops in the first aid kit. Decoration will not be superfluous travel insurance.

12. Usually after examination pyramids tourists are given time to take pictures. Do not stay alone or alone, go only in groups. We do not recommend staying in the company of tourist police and going somewhere with them.

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13. In Egypt a kind of understanding of the rules of the road. Locals prefer to observe them occasionally, creating chaos on the road. They often do not want to see road markings, they constantly honk and drive with their headlights off. It is not uncommon for foreigners to suffer in accidents with tourist buses. This is precisely because of the dashing driving style of local residents. In this regard, it is better not to rent a car, as this can bring a lot of trouble.

14. Be sure to use sunscreen to avoid burns. The sun in Egypt is insidious, so you can get burned very quickly. It is better to bring protective equipment with you, as they are expensive on the spot.

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15. The Red Sea is home to a large number of living creatures dangerous to human life. These are moray eels, sea urchins, striped lionfish, scorpion fish and lion fish. Under no circumstances should anyone be touched in the sea while snorkelling. It is believed that dangerous fish become active at sunset, so swimming in shallow water after sunset is not recommended.

16. Do not tear off corals, for this there is a large fine, besides, proceedings with the police are guaranteed to you.

17. Trade boldly. The Egyptians want to receive in the process of work not only money, but also moral pleasure from the process itself. You can cut the price in half or even more. The more confident and stronger you trade, the more respect the trader has for you. If you have achieved your price, it is too late to refuse the purchase. It is impossible to bargain in large shopping centers, where the price tags already have a fixed price.

18. When you check into a hotel, you may be told that there are no good rooms left. But for ten dollars, they will find an excellent room with a breathtaking view of the sea especially for you. This is a common way to make money from tourists.

19. In some hotels, scammers are allowed into the territory (naturally, for a fee), who offer to purchase excursions. They cost less than the guide, but after you give the money, you will no longer see this person. We recommend using proven services for finding excursions.

20. During a desert tour, you may be offered a camel ride. After riding, the owner of the animal will not let you get off until you pay him a price much more than the original price. Before the trip, ask about all the details, specify how much the service will cost exactly and whether you can then go down.

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21. On the streets, tourists can be approached by locals who will plaintively ask for money. Don't give it to them, because then other people will fly at you, who will also ask for money. The rumor of a tourist giving donations will spread quickly, and soon you will have a hard time getting rid of the crowd of beggars.

22. The locals are masters at deceiving tourists. Everyone here is trying to make money on a gullible foreigner. Ignore the street vendors, walk past. There is also this type of divorce: a local resident comes up to you, asks where you came from, starts a conversation and walks next to you. At the end, he asks to pay for the "excursion".

23. Take with you things made from natural fabrics - cotton and linen. It is better to wear closed clothes so as not to cause negativity from the locals. Learn how to beautifully tie a special scarf that protects from the sun and wind.

24. On Friday, Muslims have prayers until 12 noon, so at this time they should not be disturbed. None of the establishments, except for hotels, will work.

25. Don't take photos of locals without permission, especially women. If you really want to take a photo, smile and ask for permission, you can even pay a little.

We hope you were useful Tips for vacationers in Egypt. You can find a good tour to this country here here. Price calendar below:

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