21 lutag in the light of day International day of mother tongue. Let's pray to you to spychynitstsa and getaga tsudounaga is holy. We will not “cry” and pity that the Belarusian language is pamirae, there that is not so! Qi nya lepsh pasmyayatstsa and zaradzіtsa pazityn mood? Admyslova is holy to you at padarunak kazka-gumareska hell nasha autara Iryna Zorko.

At the gassyah at the vazyanika

On the right, this one greeted me in winter. One time paisho Prakop y climb. The peasant would have been fooled by the gumars, the hell chago was more than once wrapped up by the wife of the yagon, Manya. Eight and at a time plastered dzel laughter for the woman tsidulka: "You ate me zusim, Manka, tapitsa paydu!”. Only ў climb zaishov, grab, but right vyahotka forgetting. “Ну', think, 'didn’t choke on pamytstsa like a trace, then at least paparya". І such a pair of pressure, that it is not easy to streak. Rushing out to the street - astudzitz. Kalya laznі yakraz i river tsyakla, caught up there grazing fishermen stick. Kraknuў Prakop sabe ў vusy: “From, geta me pashentsila!". Hanging feet and a stick, and only cradle Hatse's teeth poke, and something like uchepitstsa for lytka, like a kid!

paganism among the Slavs goblin

Apynuўsya Prakop at the wadze, and all that cicava, breathe to yourself, burbalki upstairs, never mind shchelepy The momomant has grown up. Lypae vakol vachyma hell zdzіўlennya: everything here is different, not like that on the other side. Winter, hello, and here everything is green, water-growth and neuki ruzhovy flowers, on shipshyn edible. Plyve Prakop i dzivuezza: fish Karagody vodzyatsya, crayfish claws clatter, tact adbіvayutsya. Pagliadzeў on skokі getya, pachasa patylіtsu, patsmokaў, farther a grave.

Zirk, as much as nemavedama adkul kharomy showed themselves to the rafts of admysl agarodzhany. “Dze OK here ўvakhod?”, think man. Only think so, adnecule spring appeared. A flock of paabapal crayfish in good fortune, nothing in life, the service is going on. Klyushni s dzіdami they hid the lane to Prakopam, at the infernal claw on jidze, and ў the other pa tarchs. Don't fall down! Azhno, only the paddling nearer, shavali crayfish dzidy piles, let Prakopa go inside.

Apynuўsya yon ў saints. Pasyaredzine table stand, abrus on im matzitsovaga color, karunkami removed. And on the steely rysmakaў roses, - і pechyva, і perniki salodkіya, and cherries, on the wine of the tsukrovany. Patser Prakop hands, and only choose for a pernik shapizza - I knew all the magic. I have never been, nor become like that, nor pernicious! Instead Iago sit on Zedliku dzed vusaty, naga on naga thrown, cradle ў teeth trymae, patsmokvae. Glyadzіts yago Prakop and vacham do not believe: well, clean neighbors іхні, Pyatro, only valas and green vuses, and from cradles instead of smoke, let bubralki. Only hatseў yon z “susedam” parakutstsa, and then again - and nyama, the village of zhzho kalya dzvyarey, a galava hitay for a life call.

Dzen native mova s ​​kazkay-gumareskay: "At gassyah at vadzyanika"

Sailing Prakop for them and not believing vacham: you are old haromy piles. At hellish packs of mermaids perlinks crustacean matsitsai farbuyutsya, other fish with fry ў hovanki walk, and ў tritsіm toad-nanny for crustaceans looking, training, know, patronize. Tsі doўga, tі small looked at the yans of the pakoі gety, and the vershtse znoў at the first one seemed to be. Set the table for pasyaredzine, two persons are laid. Instead of talerak - rakavinki, on the tanks of hell and survetki z water, and the ski is so zusim nyama. And on the steel - i bulba, i venjanina, and caviar, and baked fish, and drink for any thick. Tsyache slіna ў Prakop, and old ones on the table - often. I don’t think long, I hope so adwal. And the old bottle with wine ў hands biare, to the Greeks Adkarkoўvats wanting to, and Prakop, head of the hitae, I’m not a bird, malyaў. Pazelyanev dzed zusim, it’s not a sound that the hell of yagony pachastunkas admalyayutstsa, like a start crusts man's forehead ...

"Ay, my God, you are mine, chalaveka zabіvayutsya syarod belaga day!”, closing Prakopdy and washing ... “Get tired, elophen, we’ll bite into the hole, we need steam at the lazna, and not on the clubs ў vus duts! I gave you a fluff". And Prakop, we can’t believe all of yours. “Manka, are you a geta?”, for the forehead hapaezza, matzae, qi nyama guza there. “And who should be here, if not for me?”Perakazáў tady Prakop dream of his Mantsy. Douga taya ragatala, and then she ruffled the women at the weights. Kpili z eynaga husband not adzin zen, prasіlі raskazat, like the one at the gasses at the vadzianka stayed, and long ago this story didn’t go out of wusnaў adnavyaskoўtsаў.


abrus - tablecloth
brazgotka - rattle
burbalki - bubbles
spring - gate
venjanina - smoked meats
vyahotka - washcloth
greytsar - corkscrew
goose - bump
jida - spear
zedlik - chair, bench
Karagod - round dance
karunak - lace
corak - cork
lazna - bathhouse
lytka - shin, calf of the leg
cradle - tube
matzita - mother of pearl
mattsovy - mother-of-pearl
stick - hole
perlinka - pearl
pernik - gingerbread
skoki - dancing, dancing
tarcha - shield
tsidulka - note
shcheleps - gills
shypshyna - wild rose

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