Village Dvorishche and an unusual tower-estate

The place Dvorishche is located in the Lida district, Grodno region, on the P89 highway connecting Lida and the border with Lithuania. There are several interesting sights here at once, which have been partially preserved from the time of the 19th century manor. Perhaps it is worth starting with a water mill. Its restoration began only a few years ago, but the work is already at the finish line. Enthusiasts bought the building of a former mill from which only the walls remained and made Courtyard museum with the function of the manor and various entertainments.

Dvorishche Lida district

Dvorishche mill

An interesting fact, but all the objects of the estate complex are not historical objects, despite their considerable age. Across the road from the watermill are the ruins of a building, probably an icehouse (or glacier).

Homestead courtyard

If you go around the glacier along the path, you will find yourself on the site where the manor house used to be. Only one tower remained from the huge estate, but even it is admired for its scope.

Tower in the courtyard

Most of the buildings in the village of Dvorishche were built or reconstructed with the efforts and money of the noble family of Puslovskys. So the estate was wooden, on the sides there were 2 stone towers, one of which, four-tiered, has been preserved.

Tower in Dvorische

The estate was completely burned down during the First World War. The surviving tower in Dvorishche, about 15 meters high, is partially boarded up. It contained living rooms with stove heating. The chimney descended into the basement. You can look into it even today.

Abandoned Tower Dvorishche

Nothing interesting to see inside. The entrance to the residential part and the chimney itself were laid.

homestead in Dvorishte

From the tower-estate, several more abandoned objects are visible. The smaller ruins are probably a former forge, and those in the distance may be a starch factory.

Forge Dvorishche

Courtyard ruins

In addition, there is a Catholic chapel in the town of Dvorishte. It has no historical value, it was built in 1990 and not even finished. However, her appearance is so unusual and even a little awkward that it will be interesting to watch.

Cemetery in the Courtyard

Chapel in Dvorische

Yard on the map:

Not far from these places is a unique church in the village of Lipnishki, and even more sights of Belarus on our map.

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