Near Church of Saint Joseph in Volozhin there is another rather interesting sight of the city - palace complex Tyszkiewicz. The palace began to be built to order Jozef Tyszkiewicz at the very beginning of the 19th century, designed by the architect August Kosakovsky.

Tyszkiewicz Palace in Volozhyn

Unfortunately, it is most likely that you will not be able to look at this architectural complex in the style of classicism, since now a secure object with limited access is located here. Taking pictures is also not recommended, so as not to raise unnecessary questions, so only pictures of the pre-war period will be presented below.

Tyszkiewicz Palace in Volozhyn
photo 1928. Source: Biblioteka Narodowa

After the defeat of the uprising in 1863, the estate in Volozhin was confiscated from the Tyshkevichs in favor of the treasury.

Tyszkiewicz Palace in Volozhyn
photo before 1939

As part of interwar Poland, the KOP "Valozhin" was quartered within the walls of the palace. Then, already in Soviet times, various city administrations worked here, at a later time - a military registration and enlistment office, a police department, a military unit.

Greenhouse Tyszkiewicz in Valozhyn
photo 1928. Source: Biblioteka Narodowa

The palace complex consists of 3 main buildings: a one-story manor with a high central portico, an officina - an almost exact copy of the palace and a two-story greenhouse, rebuilt in 1926.

Not far from Volozhin, you can visit the Nalibokskaya Pushcha, where tarpan horses.

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