Gremyach - this is a very small village in the Kamenets district, Brest region, located next to the village of Volchin. Today, only a few people officially live here, but once Gremyach was a large farm. Reminds me of those times old estate of the Puzynov family, which for 2022 is under partial reconstruction. Why partial? The territory is fenced, it is clear that work has been carried out to restore the walls, the building itself has been mothballed. However, there was an impression that the workers had not been here for a long time.

Manor Palace Puzynov "Gremyach"

Bubbles owned the estate in Gremyach from the first half of the 19th century (according to some sources, from the middle). Under them, a stone palace in classical architecture was laid, on the site of the old wooden house of the Wislotskys.

Gremyach Palace

The new homestead is made of brick, one-storey, with dimensions of about 20 at 35 meters. It stood out with a complex hipped roof with lucarnes. The main entrance is adorned with a portico on Doric columns with a triangular pediment.

Portico with Gremyach columns

In 1933, the last owner of the Puzynov family sold the estate to the Poles. They converted the building into a school, which operated until 1939.

Puzynov Palace in Gremyach

Under the Soviets, a pioneer camp was organized in Gremyach.

Sights of the Kamenets region

Gremyach Palace old photo
Gremyach Palace from the park side in an old photo from 1914, source: Aftanazy Roman

The camp operated until 1991, after which the period of slow destruction of the manor house begins.

Gremyach Palace old photo
Manor in a photograph of 1914, author: Aftanazy Roman

Several attempts were made to donate this object to interested parties, but this did not work.

Palace Puzynov "Gremyach"
photo Anastasia Zhuravleva, this is how the estate looked before the reconstruction, which began in 2016

Comment by the author of the top photo: “When we visited the Puzynov estate for the first time in August 2010, the locals greeted us with sad news. They said that quite recently, as a result of the destruction of the ceilings, a curious traveler died. After that, the doors and windows were boarded up. We do not know for sure whether this is true or not, perhaps such a story was just a cunning trick so that everyone would not climb into an abandoned house."

Gremyach abandoned estate

Who now owns the estate and what to expect?

For the last 30 years, the Gremyach estate has been destroyed and gradually falls into disrepair. The old-timers of the village are sure that the reasons for this are in the owners: since the end of the 90s, they have already changed four times, but in the end, no one had the money for restoration.

Palace in Gremyach Kamenetsky district

At first the palace was on the balance OJSC "Voskhod-Kamenets"who have not started work yet. Then the Puzynov estate was transferred to a private organization JV VeskoBelwho intended to organize a tourist site in Gremyach. The new owners did not take into account the fact that the ancient estate is subject to the requirement of legislation in the field of protection of historical and cultural heritage. This means that in addition to restoration work and repairs, it is necessary to develop design estimates, prepare a historical background, and these are quite costly measures. Unfortunately, at that time, the VeskoBel joint venture was unable to obtain sufficient loans to implement the estate restoration project.

puzynau palace
photo Anastasia Zhuravleva, approximately in this form the estate was in 2015

For some time, the estate complex returned to the executive authorities of the Kamenets district executive committee. In 2016, VeskoBel JV again receives the object, this time with all the necessary documents. Thus begins the reconstruction of the Puzynov estate, which has not been completed to this day.

Palace Puzynov "Gremyach" - the estate of the 19th century

In addition to the manor house itself, a park and several outbuildings have been partially preserved in Gremyach. Finding these places is not difficult - from Volchin, move along the H344 highway to the end of the settlement, and then turn left and all the way to the estate.

Not far from these places, you can visit the city of Vysokoe, where there are several interesting sights at once: ruins of Sapieha castle, Trinity Church and the Pototsky estate.


  1. I'm going to Belarus for the May holidays, I'm already developing a program. Now I understand that I must definitely visit the Puzynov Palace. I love ancient monuments surrounded by mysteries. The fact that this palace has not been restored even makes it even more interesting to see. In such places, the spirit of the past is felt, it is fascinating.


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