Next door to ruins of Sapieha castle at the beginning of the 19th century, a palace was founded, which will eventually become the dominant feature of the park in Vysokoe. The new manor complex was built to order Pelageya Potocka, wife of the prince Pavel Sapieha.

The Potocki Manor in Vysokoe

The palace in the city of Vysokoe is an example of classical architecture, rectangular in shape and symmetrical. The main entrance is decorated with a massive portico on four columns.

Architectural elements of the portico

After 1939, the estate was nationalized and confiscated. In Soviet times, on the territory of the estate was boarding school (it still operates today, but as a sanatorium school). In the 60s, the main brick building was erected next to the palace, and the building of the estate itself was adapted for sleeping rooms for girls. By the beginning of the 90s, the construction of the palace was almost never used, only for storage purposes.

Manor of Potocki Sapieha old photo
Photo taken in 1970. From the book Aftanazy Roman

Homestead in Vysokoe Belarus

worthy of attention and officerslocated on both sides of the palace. In form they “T”-shaped, like the estate itself, are one-story. Pay attention to the end facade, decorated with six semi-columns.

Outbuilding Potocki High

The top photo shows the left officine, the right one is almost completely destroyed.

Potocki Palace

Most of the Pototsky estate is a park laid out around the palace. Maria Pototskaya, one of the last owners, was even awarded the Paris Agricultural Exhibition for the development of this park complex.

High drawing of Napoleon Orda
drawing by Napoleon Orda from 1876

The park has partially survived to this day, even the walking route leading to the gate and the greenhouse has survived. Along the way, you can see old outbuildings, as well as service buildings.

Abandoned house in the city of Vysokoe

Since the 90s the building has been empty, but to a certain extent it has been inspected. In 2013 the former the estate of Sapieha-Pototsky sold at auction. The new owner planned to organize a tourist center with a hotel and a restaurant in Vysokie, but unfortunately the project was not implemented.

Vysokoe estate Potocki old photo
scan from the book Aftanazy Roman, from the site Globus Belarus. View of the estate from the park

Since 2020, the object is again trying to sell. The building itself is located behind a high fence and is guarded by guard dogs, so you won’t really be able to see the estate.

In the city of Vysokoye, an ancient Trinity Church of the 18th century and former Bonifrat Monastery. Also, if possible, go see Kamenets tower - one of the main attractions of the region.


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