Beshenkovichi a fairly large urban village in the Vitebsk region, located on the Western Dvina River. The place is interesting in terms of history and attractions. For example, the village has preserved Church of Saint Elijah mid-19th century, in addition there is pontoon bridge and even the construction of the old Sapieha palace (note this is the second half of the 17th century). The Beshenkovichs passed to the Khreptovich family from the Oginskys in 1783. They became the last owners, which is why many buildings in Beshenkovichi are associated with their name, including the palace building in the center.

The Beshenkovich Palace in the drawing of Napoleon Orda
painting of Napoleon Horde from the mid-19th century

Khreptovichi Palace in Beshenkovichi: history and description

The exact date of construction of the palace is unknown, but it is probably the end of the 18th century. At that time, Beshenkovichi did not yet belong to the Khreptovichi family, so most likely the construction of the estate was carried out by representatives of the Oginsky family.

Palatsava-parkava ensemble Khraptovicha

By the standards of many palaces of Belarus, the Khreptovich estate looks quite modest.

Khreptovich Palace in Beszkovichi

In terms of architecture, the building is an example of early classicism, but it was built without a portico. The palace was made of stone and consisted of 3 buildings, forming a manor and park ensemble in the shape of the letter P.

What to see in Beshenkovichi

Old photo Palace in Beshenkovichi
This is what the palace looked like in the first half of the 20th century. Zdymak from private Kalektsy Uladzimer Likhadzedav

The side one-story outbuildings were used as housing for servants and guests. The central two-story building houses the master's rooms and reception halls.

The former palace of Khreptovichi in the urban village of Beshenkovichi

One of the most striking elements of the Khreptovich estate is the forged balcony, made in the Empire style.



Pay attention to the small sculptures of either the Sphinx or the Pharaoh.

Palace in the urban village of Beshenkovichi

Interesting fact: Napoleon Bonaparte stayed at the Khreptovich estate in 1812 for 3 days. Until 2012, in Beshenkovichi there was a huge 400-year-old oak tree named after him (a natural monument). Under which there was even a painting of the French emperor. The Russian Emperor Alexander I also visited the palace in Beshenkovichi.

Palace in Beshenkovichi photo

Sad times for the Khreptovichs came at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1918, the estate was plundered, and an army regiment was stationed within the walls of the building. In Soviet times, the palace was used for various administrative purposes; now it houses a children's art school.

Sights of the city of Beshenkovichi

Finding this attraction will be easy - go to Kommunisticheskaya Street, closer to the park.

Not far from Beshenkovichi I recommend checking it out temple in the village of Svecha и abandoned church in Slobodka. More sights of Belarus on the map.

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