After the first partition of the Commonwealth in 1772 Chechersk became part of the Russian Empire. By decision of Empress Catherine II, the city was given to one of her favorites - Count Zakhar Grigorievich Chernyshev.

Monument to Chernyshev in Chechersk

Under him, Chechersk changed significantly and was completely rebuilt. On the one hand, Chernyshev erected a stone town hall, several churches, a theater, a distillery and even a church. On the other hand, it was by his decision that the old castle was demolished, reminiscent of the ancient history of the city. Count Chernyshev also arranged his estate in Chechersk with splendor and comfort. In 1774, he received the future Emperor Pavel Petrovich here.

Chernyshev-Kruglikov Palace in Chechersk

However, Chernyshev did not stay long in Chechersk and already in 1782 he left for a new duty station in Moscow, where he died a couple of years later. Since the count had no direct heirs, the fate of the Chechersky estate remained vague, but in the end the land went to his younger brother Ivan.

Chernyshev Palace Chechersk

The palace, which can be seen today, has changed significantly and has been rebuilt more than once in its long history.

Chechersky Palace

Each subsequent owner, starting in 1784, made adjustments to the architecture and layout until 1860, until the estate became a family residence Chernyshev-Kruglikov. Under them, the palace was finally formed and completed.

Palace in Chechersk

At the beginning of the 20th century, the estate in Chechersk was transferred to the needs of the Zemstvo school, which worked until 1925. Then it was transformed into a 7-grade school.

During the war, the palace was badly damaged, part of the residential building was completely burned down. Because of this, the building was rebuilt once again, so talking about its architectural style is quite problematic, you can describe it as eclectic.

Sights of Chechersk

In the late Soviet years, various children's institutions, a library, a school, and even a hospital department were located within the walls of the former palace. Late 90s Chernyshev-Kruglikov estate rebuilt and refurbished. The left wing is being converted into a sports hall (it still works today).

Ancient estate in Chechersk

Most recently, a part of the building that is not in use was mothballed and painted white.

What to see in Chechersk?

From the count's buildings survived and distillery. The company is operating, so you can only see it from the side of the road.

Distillery in Chechersk

Chechersky Palace is located on Ulyanova street very close to the center, below is the point with the location on the map:

If you are in these parts, then it makes sense to call in Gomeland, if possible, visit Palace in Zhilichi.

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