15 km from Minsk you can visit the historical and picturesque place Priluki. The first mention of the area where today stands Czapski Palaceare dated to the middle of the 16th century. At that time, a post station stood on the site of the famous estate.

What to see near Minsk Priluki

Winter frogs

The legacy of the Czapskis in Belarus

In the 17th century the land belonged to Oginsky. One of the representatives of the genus Anna Statkevich, who then owned a village near the Ptich River, founded a monastery here. He stood for about 100 years, until the moment when the settlement passed Ivanovsky. They rebuilt the Orthodox shrine into a castle, which they ghost legendsliving within its walls.

source: “Collection of memories of history and culture of Belarus. Minsk region. Book 2”

Palace in Priluki

The castle in Pryluky was described in a ballad by the Polish poet Anthony Edward Odynets "Enchanted Castle".

Czapski Palace in Priluki near Minsk
2014 year

Palace at Pryluki

In 1815, the estate passed into the possession of a representative of the local gentry - Franz Oshtorp. Under him, a park was spread near the castle and a greenhouse was opened. After the death of Franciszek, the castle passed to his son-in-law Anton Gorvatt, who rebuilt the castle, endowing it with the features of neo-Gothic architecture.

palace in priluki from the air

Outbuildings were erected from his hand: a barn, a stable, a distillery, a house for workers, a clock tower (it was destroyed during a fire).

Attractions in Priluki
2020 year

Pryluki Czapskikh

In the second half of the 19th century, the new owner of the estate in Priluki became Karol Jan Hutten-Czapski. He also owned the palace complex in Stankovo.

What to see in Pryluky?

His son restored the original appearance of the estate and ennobled the territory. A wide green alley stretched from the palace to the entrance gate.

Czapski Palace now

After World War II, the Czapski Palace was supervised by a research institute.

photo from Danchenko's personal archive, taken in 1944, source: globe of Belarus

He was engaged in the restoration of the manor house in Priluki.

Chapsky Palace near Minsk

Largely due to this fact. Pryluky Palace and Park Complex preserved in such excellent condition and did not repeat the fate of many estates, such as Manor of Count PotockiPavlinovo or Kotlubaev.

Czapski Palace in Priluki near Minsk

The Czapski Palace is credited with many legends and rumors. Ghosts and murdered wives, resurrected princes and much more. You can refute the mysterious stories yourself or, perhaps, verify the existence of ghosts by visiting the palace restored in 1959.

On the opposite bank of the river, mingling with the houses of local residents, no less interesting buildings of the Chapsky era. Here you can see the barn, the manager's house and the distillery.

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Evgeny Petroff
Evgeny Petroff
5 years ago

There is a photo of the chapel, which was simply blown up, it could be restored.