Dubai – an unusual city and the approach to the sights here is unique. For example, if you believe the Tripadvisor website, then TOP-3 popular tourist sites in the city are located within walking distance from each other and are essentially one whole. What are they? This is the tallest skyscraper in the world - Burj khalifa, the largest shopping center in the world - Dubai Mall and the largest singing fountain in the world - Fountain Dubai. As you might guess, the UAE is very fond of status and recognition, so they make a lot of effort to maintain the status of “the very best”.

Dubai, UAE

Burj Khalifa

This is the attraction that you will see in Dubai whether you want it or not. The skyscraper is visible from all over the city and is truly impressive with its size and architecture (for a moment, the height of the building with its spire is almost 830 meters). Perhaps if you were in New York or Hong Kong, the building will not make such a strong impression, but it will not leave you without emotions.

Burj Khalifa Dubai

As expected, on the upper floors of the Burj Khalifa there is an observation deck, where most tourists strive. Although it will be no less interesting to look at the skyscraper itself from different angles (for example, from the river or from the beach, or from observation platforms located on other buildings).

Burj Khalifa

But at what time is the best time to go to the observation deck of the Dubai Tower - it’s up to you to decide; looking through hundreds of reviews, you notice a pattern that many recommend in the dark, when the city lights come on.

Burj Khalifa at night

If you are going during daylight hours, check the forecast in advance so that there is no strong haze due to which the city may not be visible at all.

Dubai view of Burj Khalifa

There are mixed reviews about the sunset, some recommend it, while others think it doesn’t look very good.

What determines the price of a ticket to the observation deck?

From the number of floors, the ability to skip the waiting line (Fast pass), get into the lounge and other little things. From practice, it looks like 124 and 148 are approximately the same, so if your budget is limited, you shouldn’t spend more.

There are also options to take a combo ticket to get to the observation deck and, for example, an aquarium. It's already standing here choose according to your preferences.

Prices at the end of 2023 were as follows:

Ascent to floors 124-125 – ticket from $53 per person.

Visit to the 148th floor – from $70.

What to see in Dubai?

What is Dubai Mall?

Perhaps only in Dubai is it possible to include a shopping center in the list of attractions, but on the other hand, why not?

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall – this is truly a huge shopping center where there are hundreds of different stores (officially there are 1200+ of them here). Therefore, if you like shopping, then I think you will like the place. In addition, in the shopping center you can hide from the unbearable heat and have a snack, fortunately there are plenty of restaurants and cafes here.

What to see in Dubai?

However, the Dubai Mall is not only shops, there is also various entertainment, as well as art objects. For example, while walking around a shopping center, you can find waterfall with sculptures, looks very unusual.

Dubai attractions

Waterfall in Dubai Mall

People go to Dubai Mall to visit the aquarium and zoo. By the way, part of the marine world can be viewed for free, and part of the exhibition is available with a ticket.

Aquarium and zoo in Dubai Mall

The price of a general ticket for visiting the aquarium and underwater zoo costs an average of $50 - see options.

Let me give you a little advice, if you like watching animals - go to Green Planet (The Green Planet Dubai), located just near the Burj Khalifa metro station. There you will see sloths and exotic birds, the place is gorgeous.

Interesting places in Dubai

The Dubai Fountain

If you get the impression that there are somehow few people and tourists in Dubai, then you are mistaken - they are all waiting for the show near the dancing fountain.

Fountain in Dubai

The spectacle is fascinating and also free. The fountain operates on a schedule at short intervals (the show itself lasts about 5 minutes), and you can watch the “dancing” water from bridges, balconies, restaurant terraces, and even boats.

What to see in Dubai?

The fountains turn on after 18:00 and operate intermittently until 23:00. There are options to take various excursions and book comfortable seats - look here. In addition to these 3 main attractions in Dubai, it is recommended to definitely go to the desert. Such tours are on a real stream and are in great demand - here here I’ll tell you more about my impressions. Prices for a trip to the desert start from $60 per person, take a look current prices for your dates.

Dubai desert trip

Dubai also has its own old city near the river. The place leaves a rather strange impression. On the one hand, it’s interesting and well done, but on the other, it’s not quite right.

Old part of Dubai

However, any tourism is an individual matter, so if time allows, try it. In the old part of the city (which is actually stylized and rebuilt from scratch) there are various streets and shops. The sellers are a little annoying, trying to drag you out to “get acquainted” with the assortment of their shop, but that’s how it is. There is also the opportunity to take a boat ride and look at the city from the water.

Boat excursion options.

Old part of Dubai

What else is recommended to do and see in Dubai?

  • Yacht tour around Islands of Palms and Marinas.
  • Visit a huge water park Atlantis Aquaventure.
  • See the most unusual building in the city - Dubai Frame (Skyscraper frame).
  • Ride on sightseeing buses Big Bus and explore the entire city.
  • For lovers of memorable photos on social networks - AURA SKYPOOL, an outdoor swimming pool with a gorgeous view of Dubai.
  • Take another photo in front of the Burj Al Arab hotel.
  • Travel to the capital of the UAE - Abu Dhabi.
  • Look at the gorgeous gardens - Dubai Miracle Garden.

Dubai Marina

You may also find it useful to read a review about Holiday Inn Express and about the features public transport in Dubai.

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Olga Yarmosh
Olga Yarmosh
8 months ago

I also want to mention The Green Planet Dubai. The place is very cool. So many exotic birds, plus lemurs and sloths 🥰. And the most important thing is that animals fly and move freely.