On the very border of the Minsk and Brest regions is located agricultural town Drutskovshchizna. The village belongs to the Nesvizh district and is located a few kilometers from palace-estate of the Rdultovskys. Once these lands belonged to the noble family of Slugs, there was a manor house, a church. Today, only the abandoned family chapel at the local cemetery reminds of the old days.

Chapel Drutskovshchizna

Slug Shrine Chapel

Passing by, the chapel does not even cause much interest. The local government has cut down all the trees around and because of this, a feeling of emptiness is created. It seems that the cemetery is completely new, and fresh burials only confirm these thoughts. However, when you start to get closer to tomb of Slugs, then everything changes - ancient graves of the late 19th - first half of the 20th century are more common. 

Cemetery Drutskovshchizna


The chapel is square in shape, the architectural style belongs to classicism. On all sides there were two-columned porticos, which are partially preserved today.

Double-columned portico in the chapel

The floor in the tomb collapsed, filling up the lower tier of the underground crypt, once it had a separate entrance from the back.

Shrine of Slugs in Belarus

Shrine of Slugs in Belarus

Of the numerous representatives of the genus Slugs, the greatest contribution to the development of the Drutsk region was made by Otto Slug. Revolutionary and idealist, great friend of Jan Borshevsky and Jan Chachot. The chapel was also built under Otto, literally 500 meters from the manor house, which was not preserved and was completely destroyed.

Chapel of Otto Slug

Like all wealthy estates, farmstead in Drutskovshchizna was taken by the Bolsheviks in 1939. Already in 1940, the collective farm named after Zhdanov was founded in these places. Several graves of the Slug family have been preserved in the cemetery, probably Otto himself and his wives were buried in this tomb.

Cemetery in the agricultural town of Drutskovshchizna


The ancient chapel is located between the villages of Drutskovshchizna and Nkam, below is a point with a mark:

Not far from the abandoned Slug Chapel is a village Svoyatichi, it will be interesting to see Church of St. George. More attractions of our country on the map.

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