Volkovysk – one of the oldest cities in Belarus, rich in legends and history, but what’s interesting here you can see? This article will give you a short tour of the city and its main attractions, as well as recommendations on where to stay overnight and where to eat. In addition, I added several worthy historical sites located near Volkovysk to the list.

Central square in Volkovysk

The center of Volkovysk is a wide rectangular square on which there is a House of Culture, a department store and a beautiful monument in the shape of a wolf. It was installed in 2005 for the 1000th anniversary of the city.

Monument to the wolf in Volkovysk
The symbol of the city

The project was sculpted by Vladimir Panteleev, and the image of the wolf was chosen for a reason. Various legends and traditions about Volkovysk are associated with this predator.

Department store in Volkovysk
Department store on the central square

Along Karl Marx Street you can walk to Church of St. Wenceslas – perhaps the main attraction of the city.

Sights of Volkovysk

This temple was built in the mid-19th century in the architectural style of late classicism.

What to see in the city of Volkovysk?

The Volkovysk Church is also curious due to the fact that it did not close even during the period of anti-religious policy. As you understand, on the territory of Belarus there were very few such examples of a church building not being taken away from believers. A little further from the temple there is a large Catholic cemetery in the center of which there is a small chapel.

Ancient cemetery in Volkovysk

Ancient cemetery Volkovysk

After crossing the railway we get to the most ancient part of Volkovysk - the place where the city apparently originated. Three hills visible from afar are hillfort “Swedish Mountain”, castle and another settlement – ​​“Muravelnik”.

settlement "Swedish Mountain"

If you wish, you can climb to the very top of the mountain, from where you can see the city.

View from Volkovysk mountain

Closer to the railway station there is an ordinary building from the late 19th to the first half of the 20th century, represented by interesting houses of one or two floors; such buildings were the hallmark of many of our cities and towns.

Ordinary buildings in Volkovysk

Sights of Volkovysk

There are also several Orthodox churches in Volkovysk: the Church of St. Elijah, the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. In addition, you can visit the Bagration Museum, which is located in an old mansion with a mezzanine.

Museum in Volkovysk

Walking around the city there is a feeling of unhurried rhythm. You will be able to explore all the main iconic places in a few hours.

Volkovysk city

Interesting Volkovysk

Where to stay in Volkovysk?

Although more than 40 thousand people live in Volkovysk, there are not many options for spending the night here. The main one is the central one Hotel “Beryozka” on Karl Marx Street 7. There is also a restaurant here, the reviews are quite good, the location is ideal. The main disadvantage is that you need to book by phone; on most aggregators, the hotel is not represented.

+375 15 122-06-34

Hotel Berezka in Volkovysk

An alternative to “Beryozka” is literally 200 meters away - this is a private hotel on Lenin Street 9B. The prices here are significantly lower, and the location is almost inferior.

Where to stay in Volkovysk?

The rooms are spacious, with everything you need to stay the night: Wi-Fi, TV, set of towels, shower, mini kitchen.

Small private hotel in Volkovysk

Hotel in Volkovysk

A big plus is that the price includes breakfast, it’s simple, but it will be enough to start the day on a positive note. There is a choice of porridge, pancakes, omelette, as well as coffee and tea.

Breakfast in Volkovysk

Everything is homely and polite, so I recommend this hotel. You must also make a reservation by calling +375 33 313-81-37.

If you are looking for apartments for a day, there are plenty of them in Volkovysk, the price starts from 50 rubles and above. As for cafes and establishments, unfortunately there are few options. Next to the hotel there is a bar-pizzeria “Vintage”, it’s quite tasty and inexpensive.

Where to eat in Volkovysk
Bar “Vintage”

Where to eat in Vaukavysk?

Locals also recommend Pizza&Coffee on Ploshchad Pobeda Street 1.

Attractions near Volkovysk

If you come to Volkovysk with the aim of sightseeing, then it makes sense to leave the city at the same time to see several worthy historical monuments. Thus, in the neighboring village of Gniezno, one of the few late Gothic churches in Belarus has been preserved - Church of Saint Michael the Archangel.

Catholic church in Gniezno

In addition, in Gniezno you can see Tarasovich manor house.

Sights of Belarus - Gniezno estate

After driving another 10-15 kilometers we find ourselves in Mstibovo, where another church awaits you, this time neo-Gothic.

Mstibovo Volkovysky district

Pay attention to the chapel tower, which is different in color. The thing is that this tower was built earlier than the temple itself and was made of a different brick.

Unusual bell tower Mstibovo

If this direction does not interest you, then go towards Zelva, where a neo-Gothic Church of the Holy Trinity.

Zelvensky church

In addition to the church in Zelva, the Orthodox Church is of interest, mill ruins and the house in which the writer Larisa Geniush lived.

Ruins of the water mill in Zelva

Alternatively, not far from Volkovysk, it makes sense to go to the village of Shilovychi, where Trinity Church, included in the list of the 5 highest temples in Belarus.

Neo-Gothic Church of the Holy Trinity in Shilovichi

And if you go south from Volkovysk, you can explore the urban village of Ross, which at one time belonged to the Pototskys. In the town, some buildings from the estate complex of this ancient family have been preserved, for example this one unusual gardener's house.

What to see in the urban village of Ross

In the local cemetery stands a neo-Romanesque Chapel of St. Stephen, where the last owner of the village of Ross along the Pototsky line was buried.

Ancient cemetery in the urban village of Ross

As expected, in Russia there is bosom and an Orthodox church, which are located in the central part.

Church of St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk in the village of Borovka

The church is quite ordinary, built according to a standard design, but the church looks much more interesting, especially the bell tower.

Trinity Church in the urban village of Ross

Let’s finish the list of Vaukavysk attractions in the northern direction. Here you have two options: towards Podorsk or Porozovo. Both options are interesting and worthy, it's up to you to decide. The Chechotov estate awaits in Podorsk, and in Porozovo - wooden house of the Butovt-Andreykovichs.

Ancient manor in Porozovo

I also recommend visiting Porozovo Church of St. Michael the Archangel the first half of the 19th century and a former plebania, reminiscent of a master's estate.

Striking what is a looker?

Plebans near the church in Porozovo

And let the finishing point be a building synagogues, which was built from large rubble stone, very few similar objects have survived.

Porozovo what to see?

I hope you found something interesting to see in Vaukavysk and the surrounding area. If not, then more objects and sights of Belarus on the map.

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